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Essays and humor

Let Your Buffoon Flag Fly, Dad!

Now Who's the Bully?

Mr. Softie = Me

The Enforcer Inside

A Father Must Train a Young Jedi. And That Requires Popcorn.

Jaws Scared the Bleep Out of Me: Would Movies Do the Same to My Sweet Pea? 

Dad Buys Fancy Diaper Bag. It Doesn't Go Well.

Wife and Child Go to Cali...This Is Gonna Be Great! (Until It’s Not.)

In Praise of Making Magical Memories...That Your Baby Will Not Remember

At Age 3, She Discovered...Pink: Making Peace with Ponies, Princesses & Tea Parties

“We’re Pregnant!” (Or Are “We”?)

10 Hilarious April Fools' Pranks For Kids

Hello, Future! 7 Ways the World Will Change When Your Baby Grows Up

Poop Comes to Shove: A Potty-Training Victory

I Said I’d NEVER Do Baby Talk. Then I Had a Baby.

From Snot to the ER: A Defining Family Moment

"Poop!" There. I Said It. A Prude Dad (Begrudgingly) Becomes a Potty Mouth

Help. Katy Perry Stole My 4-Year-Old’s Singing Soul.

“Santa Is Scary!” How I Accidentally Ruined Santa for My 4-Year-Old

Happiness Is a Lightsaber Battle with My Daughter

So Long, Pony Life! In Support of the Child-Free Vacation

The Child-Free Vacation: A Must in My Book

Three Cheers for Laughing Gas! How We Conquered a Cavity (& Learned to Floss)

I Am Not a Helicopter Parent (and Other Lies I’ve Told Myself)

To TV...or Not to TV. That is the Question.

50-50 Parenting: How One Dad Divvies Up the Duties (and the Dooties)  

Find Your Way to a Successful Morning Routine

Bed of Thrones: In a King-Sized Bed, Flailing Limbs STILL Find You

So Your Kid Went Thermonuclear…

Road Trip! It Was the Family Van of My Dreams... Well, sort of.

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