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6 Key Things to Consider When Choosing a Child Care Center for Your Family

Fact: Finding a new child care provider is a big decision! Your child’s first five years are so important to building confidence for life, because they’re learning every day and in every way. So, picking the best center for their development—and the well-being of your family—might feel a bit overwhelming. But we’re here to help make this decision a little bit easier with our top 6 things to consider as you try to find your perfect place.

Children embracing
Children embracing
Health and safety

1. Health & safety

Health and safety have never been more top-of-mind for parents and caregivers alike. The child care provider you choose should have health and safety policies that are in line with the CDC and local government. Classrooms should be squeaky-clean, meals should be allergy-safe, and teachers should be dedicated to nurturing healthy bodies, happy hearts, and growing minds! We’ve gone a step further, too. We've earned the WELL Health-Safety Rating™ certifying that our centers are clean and safe places where children can thrive.

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Caring teachers

2. Caring teachers

Great teachers love kids and have a natural ability to connect with every child in their care. Ask to observe a class so you can watch the teachers! Are they ready to get their hands dirty with crayons and glue sticks? Can they jump from reading a story to the whole class to helping a child find their lovie in a single bound?

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Well-rounded curriculum

3. Well-rounded curriculum

Make sure your provider’s approach to curriculum focuses on your child’s happy heart and growing mind—from learning how to share, making friends, and expressing feelings to building STEM skills, exploring music, developing literacy, and even becoming familiar with anti-bias principles. Ask your providers if they have proof of how your child will thrive and be set up for success in kindergarten and beyond. Year after year, the power of KinderCare’s programs is clear: The longer kids stay with us, the more prepared they are for elementary school!

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Local and flexible

4. Local & convenient

Set your family up for success by choosing a provider that is right in your neighborhood! That way, you have a few more minutes to make breakfast or prep for that meeting in the morning. Plus, ask about full- and part-time options so that you end up with a solution that truly meets your unique needs.

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5. Accreditation

You’ve probably heard of licensing and expect every care provider to have this credential. But make sure the center you’re inquiring about has earned individual third-party accreditation. That means an outside agency has validated the teachers, environments, and curriculum to make sure your family is getting an exceptional child care experience.

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Your Intuition

6. Your intuition

Time for a gut check. How did your center visit feel? Can you picture your kiddo playing and learning there? Did you feel listened to and understood? Was it warm and welcoming? If your heart is saying KinderCare's the one, enrolling is the next step!

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