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Learning Adventures® programs are back!

Small group learning for big, bright futures

Our beloved Learning Adventures programs have been on pause during the COVID-19 crisis, but our industry-leading health and safety measures allow us to bring a few classes back now! To keep students safe in these programs we do everything we do in our typical classroom: We follow the safety guidelines outlined by the CDC. We know our methods are working because in 2020, our infection rate remained consistently lower than the national average. 

Your child can join these optional, on-site enrichment programs to focus on a favorite topic, or to help make up for lost learning time in 2020. Our classes take place in a small group setting, and each topic reinforces skills children are already working on at KinderCare, so they get a boost for “big kid school” (and everything that comes after). We offer Learning Adventures classes during your child’s day, so you don’t have to go far to try one or try them all! 

KinderCare Phonics Adventures
Phonics Adventures®
Ages: 2-4 years old

A great choice for your toddling bookworm!

  • Grow a love of books, words, and poetry
  • Discover the basics of letters and sounds
  • Get ready for kindergarten

KinderCare Music Explorers
Music Explorers™
Ages: 2-4 years old

Now accepting all future Beethovens and Beyoncés!

  • Learn the foundations of music
  • Sing, move, listen, play instruments, and create original tunes
  • Get exposure to math, science, social studies, literacy, and mindfulness (think yoga!)

KinderCare STEM Innovators
STEM Innovators
Ages: 3-8 years old

Lab coats not required!

  • Experiment with age-appropriate science, geology, and robotics concepts
  • Uncover secret messages with code
  • Discover how to use technology to do amazing things

KinderCare Cooking Academy
Cooking Academy™
Ages: 3-12 years old

Can you say bon appétit?

  • Learn new recipes and kitchen skills 
  • Try new flavors and encourage a healthy relationship with food
  • Build STEM skills through kitchen exploration

Discover which Learning Adventures® programs are offered at your center! Talk to your center director for more information on pricing and availability.