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Winter Break 2021

Lately, it feels like our everyday lives are history in the making. Imagine if we could transport your child through time to get inspired by how others have overcome obstacles in the past. Our education experts developed a special program for the winter season that takes your child on a magical journey through time to reflect on events that shaped our present and discover inspiration and innovation that will influence our future!  

Teachers are ready to make winter break great with two weeks of learning and fun for school-age kids, plus special seasonal activities for all ages. Your kids will love our break-time program that transports them through time to explore:  

  • Resilience: Looking to our past for clues into how we can turn today’s challenges into special opportunities! 

  • Individuality: Discovering personal passions that make us each uniquely capable of inspiring change and influencing our future. 

  • Community: Learning how we can go farther, think bigger, and do more when we come together with empathy and social awareness.  

Since your family might be juggling schedules of all kinds, we’re offering full-time, part-time, and hybrid care to suit your needs. Plus, no matter when your school break is, we’ve got you covered from Thanksgiving through the New Year. Enrollment is open to current KinderCare families and those who are new to our program. 

Click on the center below that’s most convenient for you and complete the request form. The center director or someone from our team will contact you soon!

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