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At-Home Activities for Toddlers

At-Home Learning Activities for Toddlers

The Best Learning Toys for Little Kids, Recommended by Teachers!

STEMsational At-Home Activities to Banish Boredom at Any Age

Celebrate the Senses With 5 Sensory Activities That Can Grow Your Child’s Brain

Time to Get Cookin'! How We Teach Kids About Food Preparation

We’re Wild About Words: This Activity Builds Toddlers’ Language Skills

Tunnel Obstacle Course: Physical Activities for Kids Build Motor Skills

Hammering It Up! This Toddler Game Is a Smash at Building Motor Skills

Where Does the Music Take You? Painting to Music Teaches Emotions

Making Handmade Dino Sock Puppets Is a Roaring Good Time for Kids!

Glad or Sad? This Emotions Activity for Toddlers Names Big Feelings

Look Around! Activities to Build Toddlers’ Brains Right at Home

Leave a Mark with Clay Activities! Leaf Printing Is a Great Skill-Builder

Cooool! This Color Activity for Toddlers Is a Real Trip

Beyond the Brush! How Painting with Unusual Objects Builds Toddlers' Brains

Nature Art Activities for Toddlers: Painting with Leaves, Flowers, and More

April Showers=MUD PIES! This Sensory Activity Nurtures Tots' Growth

Grow On! Measuring Plants Helps Toddlers Get Ready for Counting Later

Pretend Play: How Caring for (Stuffed) Animals Nurtures Empathy

We Love the Children of the World! 10 Books to Raise a Global Citizen

Oh Wonder! 10 Delightful Books to Power Up Your Child’s Imagination

Planet Power! 9 Books to Raise an Earth Lover

Celebrate (All) Families! 10 Love-Filled Books About Families of Every Background

Imagination Blooms in This Pretend Play Flower Shop

Colorful and Oh-So-Cute: Make the Coolest Crayons Ever

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