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Making Handmade Dino Sock Puppets Is a Roaring Good Time for Kids!

Photo by AtnoYdur / iStock
Photo by AtnoYdur / iStock

By Rachel Ward

Making something all on their own—like handmade sock puppets—fills your child (and you) with joy and pride. And it should!

Your child’s brain is buzzing with new discoveries every single day! Expressing themselves creatively means kids are actively thinking about and demonstrating all the knowledge they’ve gained—and building a ton of skills at the same time.

“Art activities (like making sock puppets with toddlers) give two- and three-year-olds the opportunity to work on their motor skills as they hold and work with art materials, and grow a spirit of innovation that aids early science skills,” says Meg Davis from KinderCare’s Education team.

This Dinosaur Sock Puppet Craft Helps Toddlers Think Critically

With a picture of a Triceratops as their guide, our Discovery Preschoolers use art materials to transform (clean and unused) socks into the image of the classic three-horned dinosaur!

“We want children to begin thinking critically and find answers for themselves, so rather than give children detailed directions for this activity, we encourage them to think for themselves about how they can use the materials to create their sock puppets,” says Davis.

We’re keeping kids thinking outside of the box at our centers with activities like dinosaur sock puppet crafts, but you can encourage creativity at home, too. Check out our ideas below!

Open Your Mind! 4 Ways to Build a Spirit of Innovation at Home

1. Design an obstacle course together.

On one of those lazy Saturday afternoons, turn off the electronic devices and put your minds to use! Challenge your child to invent an obstacle course they can move through, indoors or outdoors (and offer guided suggestions if they’re really stumped). Sturdy pieces of furniture, blankets, and Hula hoops can all play a role in an obstacle course, from creating tunnels to a hopscotch-esque pattern of Hula hoops.

2. Explore ways our bodies can move through dance.

Get your child moving and grooving! How can we make our bodies move like flames in a fire, wind through trees, or a squirrel hunting for nuts and climbing in trees? Throw on some fun tunes and watch your child think through making their body move in new and unexpected ways!

3. Craft a menu from ingredients in your kitchen.

Ice-cream pizza, hamburgers with cashews on top—your child will love letting their imagination run wild as they look at the ingredients you have on-hand and thinking of creative new combos. (This could also be a good time to tackle the topic of healthy and unhealthy foods!)

4. See what they build with a handful of supplies.

What can your child make from some cardboard, packing peanuts, cotton balls, and toothpicks? Possibly the most amazing building anyone’s ever seen! If they need help getting started, offer hints about how the materials can fit together to make a taller structure.

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