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Dreamy White Sky Collage: Make This and Capture the Clouds Drifting by in a Blue Spring Sky

finished sky collage

Cumulus, cirrus, and... is that a bunny rabbit you see floating by in the clouds above? The sky is full of inspiration—get it on paper with this fun art project that uses white items from around your house to capture the sky, however your child sees it.  

One of the things we love about this project is its simplicity: It's a good one for even very young artists, who can easily glue a variety of things onto paper. There are no rules, no cutting on dashed lines, no specific "look" you're going for. The key is to provide a wide array of materials to choose from, so your little ones can make a dreamy 3D sky collage of his own creation.

white sky collage materials


  • Cotton balls
  • Pieces of string
  • Bits of torn paper
  • Rice
  • Starch Peanuts
  • Cotton rounds
  • Glitter
  • Paint brushes
  • White paint
  • Glue
  • Blue construction paper


The fun of this project? With your child, go on a house hunt for things that are white that you can use to make your sky collage. Get creative. Even flour can stick to lines of glue (if you don’t mind a little mess!)

applying glue to collage

Set up the white objects in front of your child, and help him squeeze out the glue if necessary. Encourage him to create the sky, whether the one he sees or the one in his imagination.

Another fun idea? Get a larger piece of paper and make a family sky collage.

Conversation points! Depending on the age of the child, you can teach him that clouds are really water or ice in the air. You can also teach him some easy cloud vocabulary: Cirrus clouds look like feathers. Cumulus clouds look like giant cotton balls. While stratus clouds cover the sky like bed sheets.

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