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Self-Care for Parents: 3 Good Things

Three Good Things

When parents and caregivers like you take care of yourselves and your needs, you’ll be in a better place mentally to care for the needs of your children and family. It’s an important step that shouldn’t be skipped in parenting. 

The strategy of naming three good things is designed to be used in the moment when you need a quick reset and as part of your regular self-care routine. It can be difficult to establish new habits, so here’s a tip: Incorporate a few self-care ideas into your established daily routine. For example, do some deep breathing every morning while your coffee is brewing or think about three good things before you get out of bed. You’ll be more likely to use self-care strategies if you attach them to things you already do. 

By taking care of yourself, not only will you be making yourself more available for those you love, but you’ll also be setting a wonderful example for your children. You’ll teach them what it looks like to care for themselves. It’s a win-win! 

Here’s how to practice “Three Good Things:” 
  • What it is: Everyday, think about three good things and how you played a role in them. 
  • Why it works: Research has shown that our brains are predisposed to look for the negatives. This was a function that helped our ancestors pinpoint and avoid danger. What we pay attention to shapes our brain. By intentionally seeking out the good, we’re able to build resiliency and notice the good, rather than only seeing the challenging. 
  • Pro-tip: Make this a regular part of your conversations with your family and ask them to list three good things, too. It will deepen your relationships by getting a window into what matters to them. 
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