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Stressed Out? Get Tips to Help You & Your Family Find Calm

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This year has been a lot, hasn’t it? We’re feeling it too. Rashelle Chase on KinderCare’s Education team is here to help you meet this moment, ease the stress, and find calm for you and your family:  
  • Practice gratitude as a family by journaling or sharing three good things that happened during your day. 
  • Be kind to yourself—enjoy a five-minute meditation, a hot bath, or a call with a friend. 
  • Laughter and play reduces stress, increases endorphins, and provides bodies and minds with a release. 
  • Connect with friends in a group chat, virtual coffee, or host an online game night. 
This year has been a lot, hasn’t it? We’re feeling it too. The stress is very real right now. In our recent Parent Confidence Study, 58% say that pandemic parenting is relentless and isolating, and their regular support systems have disappeared—making this the most stressful time in their lives.  

This means we need to support each other now more than ever. KinderCare’s Rashelle Chase is here to help you meet this moment with tips we share with our teachers to help them recharge. Try them at home to deal with stress and find calm for you and your family.  

KinderCare tips to help you find calm

1. Practice gratitude.
Looking for the bright spots and expressing gratitude is good for not just your mental health, but also your physical health and relationships. By modeling this behavior and integrating it into your family’s routine, you can help cultivate resilience in your children and your family. Whether it’s writing in a journal or sharing three good things that happened in your day at the dinner table, taking the time to feel and express gratitude can help get us through tough times.  

2. Be kind to yourself.
Sometimes we can feel guilty taking a moment for ourselves, but watch this video featuring Dr. Elanna Yalow, KinderCare’s Chief Academic Officer, to see how important it is to find time to fill your own emotional cup. Taking this time can help reduce stress and anxiety, boost energy and immunity, and improve mood—and increase our empathy and patience with others. Self-care doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but it should rejuvenate you. A five-minute meditation, a walk around the block, a hot bath after the kids are in bed, or even a phone conversation with a friend are all ways to treat ourselves kindly.  

58% of parents

3. Embrace the silly.
Laughter and play reduces stress, increases endorphins, and provides both our bodies and minds with a release. It’s also a great way to connect with your kids during these challenging days. Just letting go and goofing around with your kids (making a Tik-Tok video or telling knock-knock jokes) is a great way to enhance your bond and help your kids feel connected, safe, and less stressed. And you’ll feel pretty great, too. 

4. See your friends.
There are so many ways that you can connect that are virtual—and still have fun! Start a group chat to swap recipes, share your latest loungewear finds, or just check in with each other. Set up a virtual coffee date with a good friend or even a mentor—this is a great time to network. You never know what new opportunities could be just around the corner. Host a virtual game night for friends and family using apps like House Party and Jack Box TV. No matter what activity you choose, you’re creating stronger connections that will benefit you now and into the future. 

byline Finding joy and calm in each day can lift some of the frustration during this challenging time, ease tension, and help you and your family deal with stress to meet this moment with resilience and confidence. 
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