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Let’s Make Something Together: The Kids Create! Contest

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By Jamie Roberts, Senior Director of Creative and Content

When kids are in their element—finger painting, drawing, building with blocks—they feel like anything is possible. At KinderCare, that feeling of confidence is at the heart of everything we do, and it’s why we’ve put kids’ creativity at the core of our brand. The Kids Create! Contest is just one way we’re inviting you and your kids to explore the infinite possibilities of what we can make together.

Building Blocks

Look closely at our logo and you’ll notice that the KinderCare bell tower is made out of a few simple shapes. We call them Building Blocks, and you can use them to create anything: a skyscraper, a picnic scene, a magic castle, or whatever else you can imagine.

building blocks gif

The Building Blocks give kids the freedom to express their creativity in millions of different ways, building their brains along the way!

Here are some examples of how our Building Blocks have come to life in our centers so far:

boy with boat made from building blocks

girl with cat face made from building blocks

The Kids Create! Contest, May 2019

Our first-ever Kids Create! Contest encouraged children to get creative with KinderCare's building blocks. You submitted so many amazing designs—from unicorns to front-end loaders. Congratulations to the winners of our Kids Create! Contest: Levi C., Nihira P., Huslen K., Jason W., Eva A., Jacelyn R., Leah Rose R., Martin E., Cannon L., and Andrew A.! The winning designs will be featured on KinderCare tote bags and more.

birds and fish winning design 1

horse elephant giraffe winning design 2

cars and trucks winning design 3

We can't wait to see what you create during our next contest, which is coming soon—so stay tuned!

Want to keep getting creative with our building blocks? Click here to download and print the shapes. When your child is done with their masterpiece, share it with us on social media in a post marked with #kindercare or email us at!

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