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Brain-Building Activity #9: Is It Salty or Sweet?

Brain-Building Activity #9: Is It Salty or Sweet?

While you’re cooking, explore the sense of taste with your child by letting her sample a few grains of salt and then a few of sugar. Ask her, how do they taste? Which do you like better? Look through your cabinets and see which foods might taste salty (tortilla chips, tomato soup) and which foods might taste sweet (granola, oranges).

When your child uses her senses (touch, smell, sound, sight, and yes, even taste) to discover the world around her, she is thinking like a scientist. Firsthand experiences help her discover the world around her, and back-and-forth conversations about her discoveries—“It tastes so salty!”—make her experiences even richer.

Meet the Bezos Family Foundation.

The Bezos Family Foundation believes that all children are born with a deep desire and potential to learn—and that education is the best investment we can make today to ensure a better tomorrow (and at KinderCare, we couldn’t agree more). The Vroom program was created to inspire families to turn everyday moments into opportunities for children to learn and grow. Developed with input from neuroscientists, early childhood experts, and parents, Vroom shares the science of early brain development with families because all parents have the potential to create a bright future for their kids.

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