The Case for Employer-Sponsored Child Care

We’ve compiled data and research that show how child care makes every day easier for working parents.

Case studies

Daimler Trucks

Learn how on-site child care and tuition benefits help Daimler support their local and national working families.

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Aflac Case Study


Discover how Aflac became known for their culture by transitioning their on-site child care to a provider that aligned more with their values.

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See how Oregon Health & Sciences University built an innovative on-site care center that brought their mission to life.

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KinderCare supports


Discover how Walgreens supports over 260,000 employees at more than 8,000 locations with tuition benefits.

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KinderCare needs assessment


See how Thomas Jefferson University used KinderCare’s needs assessment survey to find the child care benefits their workforce needed.

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Research and reports

We’ve sponsored exclusive research and studies to better understand this and the next generation of employees’ evolving priorities. When you know what job candidates and working families are looking for, you’ll build better HR strategies and benefits packages to attract them—and keep them. 

Quality Child Care

A 360° View of Family Leave: Support and Resources for Working Parents

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The Mindful Organization: Crafting Holistic Employee Experiences

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Confidence Hearts

Helping Families Work: How to Transform Workplace Culture With Child Care Benefits

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