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Day Camp Solutions for Working Parents

Help employees secure child care during school breaks.

School breaks mean working parents need a child care plan that maintains daily routines. Your organization needs an out-of-the-box option to support a healthy work-life balance. When you can provide a solution that keeps kids engaged, happy, and safe, everybody wins. 
Champ Camp offers full-day programs over spring, summer, and winter breaks. Our beloved camp delivers convenient solutions for parents and all-day enrichment for their elementary-aged kids.

Contact us to find the perfect flexible child care benefits to support working families at your organization. We’ll be in touch within 48 hours.

Help your workforce thrive.

Attract, retain, and engage your workforce.

Secure employee retention by offering quality child care solutions working parents can appreciate. Gain confidence with our turnkey programs supporting you every step of the way.

champ camp

  • Convenient. We can set up at a school, on-site or at multiple locations so regular routines stay put.
  • Cost effective. Keep your costs low with our turnkey and agile programs.
  • Flexible. Provide full- and part-time options without extra effort.
  • Research backed. Champions employs curriculum designed by experts to extend skills and knowledge, inspire curiosity, and build resilience through hands-on experiences.
  • Turnkey solutions. We make it a no-brainer set-up process. We handle marketing, recruiting, even licensing.
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The last thing I need is an on-site program that generates concerns or problems. This is far from what we experience with Champions—it runs smoothly in the background with rarely an issue. I have a good working relationship with our site director, and our students are supported by a caring staff who help them with whatever they need—including schoolwork.

- Kevin Fancher, Principal, Love land Primary School


Stress-free for parents, irresistible for their kids.

When you partner with Champions, your working parents can focus on work instead of worrying about child care coverage. 
  • Responsibly executed. Programs are safe, secure, and inclusive, provide nutritious snacks , and take place in healthy environments where kids have fun and continue to learn even while school is out.
  • Field trips and variety. Activities like STEM, outside time, movement, arts & crafts, even field trips keep kids screen-free and never bored. 
  • Flexible hours and scheduling. Whether working families need one day of care or a whole week, Champions offers support designed to fit into their unique schedules, not the other way around.
  • Convenience. Support where it’s needed, when it’s needed—right in your community, beyond typical workday hours.  
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