The Advantages of Employer-Sponsored Child Care

Become an employer known for supporting working families.

Sixty-seven percent of parents are looking to employers to offset the cost of child care. Organizations that answer the call with child care benefits for their working families not only invigorate company culture and employee loyalty, they also give their workforce more confidence in a future with you. The research speaks for itself.

The business advantages of offering child care solutions.

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Attract and retain talent

55% of parents would take a pay cut for a job that offers child care.

Source: Harris Poll, 2019


Improve productivity 


Improve productivity

Employees with access to child care report a 10% increase in work-life balance.

Source: KCE Fortune 100 Client Survey



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Encourage Engagement

Providing child care can reduce employee absences by up to 30%.

Source: Child Care Council, 2014

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Help your workforce thrive.

The employee advantages of receiving child care benefits

Help with child care costs

Child care options provide relief for the 33% of parents experiencing financial hardships due to the cost of care.

Source: NPR, 2016

Convenience and confidence

Safe, secure child care near work gives peace of mind to the 54% of parents who stay awake at night worrying about the source of their child’s care.

Source: Harris Poll, 2019

Access the best child care
By year three, KinderCare kids are 30% more likely to meet or exceed learning benchmarks for their age.

Over two-thirds of parents feel they are expected to do it all without a fundamental support system.

When you support your employees with comprehensive child care solutions, you give them confidence in their professional and personal decisions. More confidence means more engaged and productive working parents.