Tuition Benefit for Working Families

Help working parents find quality child care at a more manageable cost.

A tuition benefit supports your employees with full-time, part-time, or drop-in tuition savings at accredited early learning centers. Your team will have access to over 1,400 KinderCare Learning Centers and over 500 Champions before- and after-school programs that help children thrive. No matter where they are—in the field, office, or home—you can provide the same benefit and quality education to all while making the cost of care more manageable.

By helping to make your employees’ decision to return to work after having a child a personal choice, not a financial decision, you’ll share in the benefits. With a tuition savings benefit, you’ll truly bring work to life through reduced turnover and absenteeism while increasing recruitment and retention of top talent.

Family Loyalty

Improve company loyalty

26% of single parents feel they have unempathetic bosses.


Meet employee expectations

67% of parents believe employers should offset the cost of child care.

Provide Care

Provide nationwide care

Give your workforce access to over 1,400 KinderCare-owned centers in 40 states. We never franchise or subcontract our experiences.

How does a child care benefits package work? 

Our suite of child care benefits is flexible, customizable, and scalable. A tuition benefit is one component of that package. Here’s how it works.


First things first: We want to hear from you. We’ll take some time to get to know your workforce and their unique needs. Afterward, you’ll receive recommendations for the best solutions to help you meet your objectives.


We will help you shape the child care benefits package that best fits the needs of your working families, including the percentage of child care tuition benefit you’ll offer to your employees.

Customized combinations of tuition savings, back-up care days, and priority access to KinderCare Learning Centers help you provide your employees with quality, accredited child care in the communities they call home.

We’re here to become your trusted partner for questions, support, and continued communications to help you get the word out to your employees.

Beyond the benefits rollout, you can count on us to provide marketing support and ongoing reporting. We’ll share how much your families are using the benefit and provide recommendations for expanding or adjusting your benefits for the future of your growing workforce.

Join employers known for showing family matters.


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