Career versus kids?

The best employers help families win at both with child care benefits.

Your employees look to you to help them juggle work and life, but research shows many employers aren’t living up to their workforce’s expectations.

67% of parents

KinderCare Education asked parents what they need to be more confident and to better integrate work and life. From those insights, we crafted an e-book to help you become an employer of choice by creating a workplace where families can do more than make a living—they can make a life.

“Helping Families Work: How to Transform Workplace Culture With Child Care Benefits” will give employers the answers to these questions:
  • What do parents want from their employers?
  • How can child care help parents better integrate work and life?
  • What do quality child care benefits packages look like?


Learn what else is on parents’ minds in our new e-book, “Helping Families Work: How to Transform Workplace Culture With Child Care Benefits.”

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Put yourself in a working parent’s shoes.

Childcare Cost Savings

Costs of care put many parents in a pinch.

51% of parents feel financial pressure for both parents to work.


Standard benefits just won’t cut it.

55% of parents would take a pay cut to work for a company that provided quality child care.

Working Parents

Working parents struggle to juggle.

63% of parents say more time with their child would make them feel more confident.

All that stress affects more than parents’ personal lives—it affects their work. How can you make a difference for your employees and become known for supporting your entire workforce?

Download the e-book to learn more about crafting a child care benefits package for your organization.


It’s easier knowing that my child is getting taken care of and I work for a great company that supports my family every day.

- Lori, Certified Medical Assistant