The Modern Workday Needs Child Care

Download our e-book to learn how you can help parents work confidently today.

For over a year, two of the primary support systems that working families rely on most—school and work—have been in an uncharted state of flux. KinderCare partnered with Harris Poll to ask families just how much the pandemic affected their most important jobs: parenting and careers. 


Their answers paint a clear picture. To work efficiently in a world changed by a health crisis, working parents need employers to step up with child care. From their insights, we crafted an e-book offering a window into the kind of support parents are asking for to get back to work stronger than before. Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • What’s changed for parents in their most important job—raising children 
  • What parents need from employers to meet today and the shifting work landscape 
  • What direct relief provided by quality child care benefits packages looks like 
  • How child care benefits help you attract and retain the best talent for your future

Download our e-book to learn what working parents need to thrive.

If ever there was a time to lift parents up, it’s now.

KinderCare At Work Parent Confidence

The juggle has never been harder.

58% of parents say “pandemic parenting” is relentless with no break in sight for them.

KinderCare At Work Parent Confidence

Work-life balance is a work-life battle.

Parents working from home say their children interrupt 13 hours of work each week—nearly two workdays.

KinderCare At Work Parent Confidence

Child care is no longer “nice to have.”

62% of parents feel that employers should offset the cost of care for their employees.

The realms of work and life are closer than ever before. That gives employers like you a unique opportunity to give families a life-changing positive outcome from all their recent challenges. 

Download the e-book to learn more about crafting a child care benefits package that helps employees meet this moment and prepares your organization for the future professional landscape.


You always have stress as a parent. If you're at home, you feel you should be somewhere else. If you're a working parent, you feel you should be back at home. It's hard. But I can't imagine the amount of stress if we didn't have KinderCare to back us up. We would not be able to do what we do if it weren't for having such a strong daycare setting. Thanks to KinderCare, I think here we felt really, really safe.

- Gina, Healthcare Administrator