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The 2023 Harris Poll Confidence Report

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Learn how child care bolsters parent confidence at home and on the job.


Did you know that employees prioritize child care more than (almost) anything else in their benefits package?

It's true: After healthcare, child care is the #1 benefit that's keeping parents at their current job, even above PTO.

The research is in: Confident, focused, stress-free parents make for a much more engaged  workforce. And employers who understand this connection have a significant advantage in today’s job market.

We partnered with The Harris Poll for our latest report, “The Evolving Needs of Working Parents,” surveying over 2,800 parents with children ages 12 and younger to understand  the significant impact that child care has on their confidence—both at home and on the job. Parents told us how their expectations about how employers can (and should) show up for them have evolved.

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Six out of 10 working parents say there is a disconnect between the level of support they need and what benefits their employer provides.



believe employers should offset the cost of child care for their employees.

graph iconDownload the report and learn how you can attract talent, boost recruiting, and maximize retention at your organization. Learn about …
  • How offering child care benefits gives your organization a competitive edge and enhances retention.
  • The key benefits parents need in order to fully engage at work.
  • The solutions your company can offer to help them integrate work and family.
  • … and more. 
Bonus Report: Supporting Parents of School-Age Children
We also worked with The Harris Poll to gather insights specifically on how parents of older children (K–6th graders) feel when it comes to child care and work. Learn how providing them with child care benefits is a sound investment for any business looking to attract strong candidates, engage current teams, and retain top talent.
Download the School-Age Confidence Report.

Together, we can offer working parents a solution that benefits them and the places they work. And it all connects to confidence.