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Parent Confidence Report

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Find out what parents need to work, thrive, and raise the next generation.

Developing a thoughtful strategy to support working parents is essential in today’s work environment—and it benefits families and organizations alike. In our latest report, we partnered with The Harris Poll for the third consecutive year to identify factors impacting parent confidence levels today. The report presents key information on what parents need to thrive and feel confident, and walks employers through solutions that help employees integrate work and family.  

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Parents need help integrating work and family.

Child care brings the synergy.

Here’s the reality: Work is an integral structure in the foundation of families. The two are closely intertwined and must support each other for either one to be successful. Re-imagining the future of work is a two-way street; while today’s parents are re-thinking how to integrate work and family, employers also need to consider new ways to support their employees.
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To stay relevant, workplaces need to re-imagine the future for parents.
68% of parents believe employers should offset the cost of child care for their employees.

Parent confidence has evolved.


It’s time to get back to the basics with safe, reliable, and convenient child care.

What gives parents the most confidence? Being able to provide a healthy and safe environment for their children. In fact, parents’ uncertainty around their child’s safety at school and/or child care facilities is a leading factor complicating their ability to navigate parenting confidently. 
Reliability and convenience are also at the top of the list. After experiencing frequent center closures during the pandemic, parents really want care they can depend on.  
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Parents are really worried about the health and safety of their child.
93% say that it's their top priority.

When children shine bright, so does the future.

Parents just want their kids to grow up to be happy, good people.

A child care provider that teaches from a whole-child curriculum (like ours) helps kids grow to be kind, compassionate, and connected. That isn’t just an investment in children and employees, but also the future of the world—and we can all agree that’s a worthwhile investment. 
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Social-emotional learning (SEL) bolsters children and parents.
87% of parents find it important that their child is raised with social and emotional skills.
graph iconWhen you download the report, you’ll get fascinating statistics, valuable information for your organization, and great insight into working parents’ perspectives. Learn about … 
  • The four key building blocks you can provide to help your employees with kids feel confident 
  • What parents in your workforce want and how you can support them 
  • How child care benefits give your organization a competitive edge 
  • … and more.