Oregon Health & Science University

Child care benefits for health care workers is just good medicine.

The client

Celebrated teaching hospital and research institution Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) comprises three campuses in Portland and over 16,000 employees. OHSU knows that continued medical breakthroughs and innovations come from attracting and retaining top talent from all over the world.

The opportunity

By listening to their workforce, OHSU knew that their professors, scientists, staff, and students would value a quality, on-site child care center—they just needed to find a provider who shared their values to bring their mission to life. OHSU was looking for an expert in early childhood education who could deliver high-quality care during flexible hours, accommodate a busy hospital, and create a center that felt like an extension of the campus.


The solution

OHSU partnered with KinderCare Education at Work to build the Healthy Starts Learning Center. Healthy Starts embodies OHSU’s values and sets up children for success. The on-site center features the most current research-based curriculum, sustainable business practices from an Eco-Healthy Child Care® endorsement, and daily fresh, organic meals made from locally sourced ingredients (created in partnership with a KinderCare nutritionist). 

Soon after opening their center, OHSU expanded their benefits offerings to include a tuition savings to their working families in the Pacific Northwest.

parent and boy with soccer ball
The results

From 2016 to 2018, more than 180 families took advantage of OHSU’s tuition savings for their 230 children. Collectively, families have saved an average of $180,000 per year in child care costs across Oregon and Washington.

Healthy Starts now serves to attract and retain OHSU’s top talent in faculty, staff, and students, ensuring that quality health care and medical breakthroughs continue—all while educating a future generation of thinkers and doers.

OHSU Case Study
“Having the child care center is an advantage in our recruiting efforts. Its presence is one less thing prospective candidates need to worry about when coming from out of town.” 
— Lisa Carter, Project Lead, OHSU
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