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Help women return to the work they love

Read our latest report on bringing women back to the workforce this year.

Throughout the pandemic, a disproportionate number of women have left the workforce. Organizations like yours are feeling the loss. To better understand how you can keep women with kids in the jobs they love, we worked with Worldwide Business Research (WBR) to develop a customized report: Redesigning Workplace Benefits for the Modern Employee.

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 One finding stood out loud and clear:

New, flexible work models require flexible child care solutions.

When you download the report, you’ll gain direct insights into the ways HR leaders at the Director level (and above) plan to bring women back into the workforce this year, including: 
  • Three key factors that sent women packing during the pandemic.
  • What organizations like yours can focus on to get them back, now.
  • The top two priorities for women who want to return and stay for good.
Download our custom report to help bring women back to your workforce this year.

Many female employees feel that their benefits are substandard or inequitable, especially when it comes to child care assistance.

- WBR June 2022

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