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Back to School Guide


Capture your special back to school memories this year with a photo of your child holding our “First Day of School” sign. Download and print the sign, then share your pictures with us on Instagram with #kindercare or by emailing us at for a chance to be featured on our social channels. 

Click here to print the sign in color. Click here to print the sign in black and white.

Ease Kids Back into School with Confidence

Big changes like a new school or classroom can test a parent’s confidence. But tackling the transition a little at a time can make it easier on everyone.

If your child is making a big change like stepping up from pre-K into kindergarten or entering a new grade in the same building, our experts have some tips to help both of you ease into a more comfortable state of mind and build confidence for a successful school year.

First, remember that each child is different, and their reactions to change can vary. Some kids show up ready and raring to go, eager to explore and meet new friends, while others can be more reserved. No matter how they’re feeling, the following tips can help the transition go smoothly.

KinderCare Class Lined Up

1. Set up classroom visits before school starts. Sometimes fear comes from the unknown. By visiting their new environment ahead of time, your child can become familiar with the layout of the classroom, meet the teachers, and see what to expect. This can help alleviate some of their anxiety and jitters. 

2. Talk with your child’s teacher about the transition. Your child’s teacher should be your partner, so be open and honest from the start. Talk about how your child handles change, what causes them stress, or what behaviors the teacher might expect from them. Don’t be afraid to call and ask for updates on your child to see how things are going. Set up regular check-ins over the next few weeks to talk about any additional support your child may need.

3. Avoid sneaking away from your child at drop-off. Talk about what will happen ahead of time. When the big day comes, create (and then maintain) a consistent and predictable drop-off ritual—such as double high-fives, a hug, and a wave from the window. Continue this routine every day to help your child feel secure and safe in the classroom. Remember that lingering too long can make it harder on your child once you do leave.

4. Be enthusiastic. Just like laughter, excitement is contagious. Rather than focusing on your child’s nerves or uncertainty, share your own happy memories from school. How did you feel at the beginning of a new school year? What was it like to learn and meet new friends? This can help your child get hyped up for the adventure ahead.

5. Set up a little work station at home. Creating a designated space at home where your little learner can do homework, read, write, draw, and complete art projects can help them develop good study habits. Stock this station with colored paper, crayons and markers, pencils, glue sticks, scissors, books, stickers, and other necessary tools. Leave room to stow a backpack, and encourage your child to spend time in their space every night.

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