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Move Over, iPad: This Felt Board Is Lo-Fi, DIY, and Easy as Pie

dad and girl using felt board

From storytelling and weather lessons to holiday shapes and alphabet games, felt boards are a classic tool for helping children learn new skills and explore their creative side. If you’ve had felt boards before, you know they can get worn down and start looking a little worse for wear—that’s where this easy DIY board comes to the rescue.

Using an affordable frame and a few easy-to-find tools, this felt board will stand the test of time. The secret to this project is the ultra-thrifty, lightweight, and colorful FISKBO frame from IKEA. At just $7.99, this frame is a crafty parent’s best friend—perfect for framing your little one’s masterpieces and for using as a frame for a stunning felt board.

What You’ll Need

  • A lightweight frame, like the FISKBO from IKEA
  • A large sheet of colored felt or flannel from a craft or fabric store (you can buy felt by the yard at a fabric store, typically for a lot less than at the craft store)
  • Pen
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam brush
  • Rotary cutter or scissors


  1. Remove the plastic or glass insert from your frame, and lay it on your piece of felt. Trace the shape of the frame insert onto the felt with the pen. (You won’t need the glass after this, so set it aside.)
  2. Use the rotary cutter or scissors to cut out the rectangle of felt.
  3. Iron the felt to remove any creases or wrinkles.
  4. Add a layer of Mod Podge to the sturdy frame backing board, spreading the glue all the way to the edges, and carefully line up the felt with the edges of the backing before pressing it down evenly.
  5. Put the felt board aside to let it dry for an hour, then place the felt-covered board, felt-side facing out, in the frame. Press the frame tabs to the backing to keep the board in place, and begin playing with your felt board!

Make Your Felt Creations

The sky’s the limit with all of the animals, alphabet letters, or seasonal items you can cut out of felt for endless hours of play. For spring, try creating flowers, worms, trees, clouds, the sun, and birds.

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