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Father’s Day Is Coming! 4 "Rad Dad" Crafts for the Rad Dad in Your Life

dad and son with coasters

Is your dad totally rad? From patiently reading that favorite bedtime story for the thousandth time to coaxing a water-shy tot into the bath, rad dads embrace their parenting role—no matter the challenge at hand. They work through the temper tantrums, expertly manage the dirty diapers, and they’re never too busy to spend a few minutes teaching the kids a new game or cracking classic “dad jokes.” With Father’s Day just around the corner, you can show the awesome pop in your life how much he means to your family with these DIY gifts!

hidden message for rad dad

1. The Rad Dad Secret Message

This creative “secret message” gives rad dads a colorful reminder of how much they’re loved—and your kids will have a blast making it! To get started, write the words “Dad, you are RAD!” in white crayon on a piece of white paper. (Pro tip: Make the letters good and chunky, so your message shows up well.) Then grab your rad dad, set your kids up with some watercolor paints, and watch dad’s heart melt as the secret message become visible.

rad dad letter signs

2. The Rad Dad Banner

Tell the world a rad dad lives at your house with this fun banner! Start with sheets of white cardstock paper and use masking tape to “write” the words “Rad Dad,” using one sheet of paper for each letter. Then let your kids paint all over the sheets of paper. Once their masterpiece is dry, carefully remove the pieces of tape from the paper to reveal the message. (Pro tip: Do use cardstock or heavier paper so the tape doesn’t tear the paper.) Hang up the banner using ribbon and clothespins (Also makes great living room décor.)

scrabble picture frame for rad dad

3. Rad Dad Scrabble® Tiles Picture Frame

Word up! For this picture-perfect project, you’ll spell out “Rad Dad” using Scrabble® tiles! Here’s what you’ll need: a shadow-box frame (easily found at most crafts stores), scrapbook paper, scissors, double-sided tape, a hot glue gun, Scrabble tiles, and of course, a heart-meltingly cute picture. Begin by cutting a sheet of scrapbook paper to the size of the frame, and then tape the paper inside the frame. Next, tape the picture to the sheet of paper. Finally, hot-glue your Scrabble tiles around your picture and tada! A perfect present for the mantel or the office!

4. Rad Dad Coasters

Rad Dads and their rad friends don’t leave drink rings on the coffee table—which is why he’ll love this utilitarian present. Here’s what you’ll need: tiles, Sharpie markers, painter’s tape, a roll of cork, scissors, and a hot glue gun (tiles are easily found at home improvement stores and rolls of cork at crafts stores). Start by writing the words “Rad Dad” in the middle of each coaster with a Sharpie, and then cover just the words with painter’s tape, leaving some of the tile exposed. Then let your kids color all over the tape and the remaining tile with Sharpies (woo-hoo, kids and Sharpies!). Once the coasters are decorated, remove the painter’s tape and pop them into the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees; after 30 minutes, turn off the oven and open the door a crack, but leave the tiles inside until they are completely cool. Create cork backs for your rad dad coasters by measuring and cutting out pieces of cork from the roll, and then using a hot glue gun to attach the cork to the base. Good-bye, water rings!

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