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Patchwork Art Project: Make a Family "Quilt"

beautiful finished family quilt

No sewing skills required for this fun family project that showcases everyone’s unique personality and imagination. Washi tape is used to create sections that each family member decorates based on a shared theme: favorite colors, memories, dreams, things you love … the options are endless. At the end you’ll have a wall-worthy piece of art that celebrates the fabric of your lives!

materials for family quilt

What You Will Need

  • White butcher paper or another large, neutral-hue piece of paper, poster board, or cardboard
  • Washi tape
  • Items for decorating your “quilt”: stickers, puff balls, ribbons, feathers, fabric scraps, markers, paint, glitter, glue, etc.

boy grinning and having fun making family quilt


  1. If using butcher paper, cut out a large piece in your desired size.
  2. If using the washi tape, create a grid pattern on the paper.
kids getting started on the family quilt
  1. Gather around and get to work decorating. We’re fans of out-lining hands, writing names or silly words, and unexpected details like buttons or silk flowers.
  2. When you’re finished, hang your “quilt” in a prominent place. We like using painter’s tape to avoid damaging walls, or you could frame your piece for posterity! Consider making a new version each year to document the ways your family artistically grows—together.

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