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Tea Time for You Time: 5 Ways to Relax and Indulge

Photo by Leandro Crespi / Stocksy United
Photo by Leandro Crespi / Stocksy

Rushing around lately? If you have young children at home, we already know the answer. It can be unbelievably hard to find time for yourself. That’s why we advocate making time to relax with something beautifully simple and simply beautiful—a cup of herbal tea.

In Japan and England, tea drinking already is folded into the rhythm of daily life. Here in the States, we’re catching on. According to the Tea Association of the USA, tea consumption has grown over 10 times since 1990 and it shows no sign of slowing down.

We’re not suggesting you learn the art of Japanese tea ceremony, but a cup of tea may be the only five-minute focus time that many hardworking American parents can get. After the morning routine, work day, pick-up, dinner, and bed-time routine, the only “you time” you get is when you finally collapse into bed.

Drinking herbal tea is a great way to cut down on your daily caffeine intake, too. If you can replace just one coffee break with a tea break, you’re on your way. Whether you want to settle down before bed or get a caffeine-free energy boost, here are a few ways to turn teatime into you time.

1. Buy a mug that speaks to you.

You know that chair in the living room that fits you perfectly? Find the equivalent in a teacup or mug that makes you relax whenever you hold it. You can do a search on for individually handmade ceramic mugs such as these from Blue Parrot. We also love these colorful sets by ForLife that include an infuser right in the lid. (Using an infuser means all of those wonderful loose-leaf varieties you see in the bulk aisle are an option.) Finally, these made-to-order ceramic mugs have a built-in side pocket for your tea bag. Genius!

2. Explore the tea possibilities.

Grocery store aisles now are packed with seemingly limitless options for caffeine-free sips that soothe, energize, ease sugar cravings, and even help fight cold symptoms. There are so many options, it can be a joy to explore them. From soothing chamomile, lavender, and lemon balm to energizing peppermint or ginger, there’s something to fit the season, your mood, and your cravings. You can even find chocolate-flavored herbal teas for an indulgent taste with zero calories!

3. Brew it right.

If you want to go for the perfect cup, you’ll want to adjust your steep times by the type of tea you drink. This handy chart gives you a few target times based on the kind of tea you like. For herbal tea, use boiling water and let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Use that steep time to take some full, deep breaths.

4. Indulge in the sweet side.

Honey adds another layer of possibilities to your ritual. Many local honeys have different flavors and add a touch of natural sweetness to any herbal blend.

5. Give tea as a gift.

Do you know any parents who need a little stress relief? Package up a mug and a few good teas and give them a break in a box.

What a wonderful way to say, You work hard every day. You’re doing a great job. You deserve some time for yourself.

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