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Love Is Crafty, Love Is Kind: Make a Holiday Gratitude Tree

finished gratitude tree

Let the warm fuzzies of feeling grateful for the things and people in your life spread beyond the holidays with a simply sweet family art project: hanging tags bedecked with thankful thoughts from a branch. Whether you place the finished project on the fireplace mantle, prop it in a corner, or hang it from the ceiling mobile-style, it will make a meaningful addition to your home during the holidays.

What You Will Need:

  • A branch! Go on a walk, or explore your yard, the neighborhood, or a nearby park to find the perfect one. (Christmas tree lots usually have some to offer as well.)
  • A stack of approximately 2-inch by 3-inch tags with a hole on one end. You can also make your own tags in whatever shape you wish by cutting paper or cardstock down to size and using a single-hole punch to make the holes.
  • Ribbon, cut to desired lengths
  • Crayons or washable markers

materials for gratitude tree


  1. Spread out the cards and crayons or markers on a table, and then ask your child what she is thankful for. Feel free to offer suggestions or prompts if she isn’t yet able to grasp the complete concept: “What really makes you happy?” “What are a few of your favorite things?” “Who are the people that you really love?” As she comes up with things she feels grateful for, invite her to draw a picture of each one (or write the words if able) on a card. You can also draw pictures or write down the things that you feel thankful for.
making cards for the gratitude tree

  1. Cut lengths of ribbon and thread them through the holes on the cards.
  2. Tie the ribbons to the branch with pretty bows so that the cards hang like ornaments, and then place the branch in the vase, hang it above the table, or prop it in the corner.

Revisit the branch often to talk about the special things you’ve included. You can add new cards as your child thinks of more things she’s thankful for: My stuffed bunny rabbit! The pizza we had for lunch today! Having tea parties with Grandma Carol! Make the branch a part of your festivities by inviting everyone to add to it during your holiday gatherings.

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