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Brain-Building Activity #10: Pretend Play Sparks Your Child's Smarts

Zoo Play

“Oh! I know! You’re an elephant No, an eagle! I’ve got it! You’re a lion!” A rip-roaring round of animal charades is a great game to play with your lionhearted little one. It’s good silly fun to flap around like a chicken or pounce like a panther—and while your child is busy giggling and guessing, he’s also learning a lot, too. He's honing his observational skills and drawing on his memories of past experiences: Did he see an elephant at the zoo? Is there an eagle in his favorite picture book? Those critical thinking skills won’t just make him a champion charade player, they’ll also help him learn at school. When your child is pretending to a lion—or a snake or a snail—he’s practicing good communication skills. There are lots of great reasons to let your lion roar!

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