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Brain-Building Activity #10: Pretend Play Sparks Your Child's Smarts

Zoo Play

“Oh! I know! You’re an elephant No, an eagle! I’ve got it! You’re a lion!” A rip-roaring round of animal charades is a great game to play with your lionhearted little one. It’s good silly fun to flap around like a chicken or pounce like a panther—and while your child is busy giggling and guessing, he’s also learning a lot, too. He's honing his observational skills and drawing on his memories of past experiences: Did he see an elephant at the zoo? Is there an eagle in his favorite picture book? Those critical thinking skills won’t just make him a champion charade player, they’ll also help him learn at school. When your child is pretending to a lion—or a snake or a snail—he’s practicing good communication skills. There are lots of great reasons to let your lion roar!

Meet the Bezos Family Foundation.

The Bezos Family Foundation believes that all children are born with a deep desire and potential to learn—and that education is the best investment we can make today to ensure a better tomorrow (and at KinderCare, we couldn’t agree more). The Vroom program was created to inspire families to turn everyday moments into opportunities for children to learn and grow. Developed with input from neuroscientists, early childhood experts, and parents, Vroom shares the science of early brain development with families because all parents have the potential to create a bright future for their kids.

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