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The Very Best Baby Gift? A Good Family Meal

Photo by Anthony Asael / Stocksy United / 80780
Photo by Anthony Asael / Stocksy
By Alexis Rehrmann

When I had my first child, our most welcomed gifts were the visits from friends and neighbors bringing delicious, homemade food. During those first early, blurry months with a newborn, having dinner arrive at our door a few nights a week felt like heaven in a hot dish.

All this was organized via, where my friends simply signed up to help us out. I would get email alerts telling me who was coming to visit and when—and even what delectable dish was heading my way. (Though truth be told, I would have been grateful for a loaf of bread and some peanut butter.) This is such a wonderful way to help a family with a new baby—or someone recovering from surgery, or a parent whose spouse is deployed, or a mother who is returning to work after caring for a newborn. Plus, the basic service is completely free!

Meals are a gesture of goodwill: has helped friends and neighbors serve over 2.8 million meals to 300,000 families.  On any given night, about 4,000 people are getting dinner delivered to their doors. “That’s a lot of goodwill,” says co-founder Michael Laramee.

Meals nourish more than our bodies: “Food is nourishing in many ways,” says Laramee. A meal is easy to give and to receive. Whether you prepare a favorite family recipe, or order takeout delivered to a faraway friend (and be sure to include a tip when you place the initial order), it’s a practical gesture of comfort and support.

Meals bring us together: Although meal train etiquette suggests that you spend only 10-15 minutes when dropping off dinner, those brief minutes can bring welcome moments of laughter, advice, and compassion. The meal train strengthens all of our community ties.

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