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Leaf Love: A Charming Fall Craft For Kids

Autumn can last forever thanks to this nature-inspired project: It’s so easy even the littlest members of your family can help! Simply scatter brightly colored fall leaves across contact paper, frame it up with tape, and use the finished product as a part of your Thanksgiving table—or tape it to a sunny window and watch the colors glow in the light. 

What You Will Need:

  • Two large pieces of rectangular clear contact paper
  • Masking tape or brightly colored duct tape
  • A collection of leaves.


1. Take a leaf-hunting walk with your family around the neighborhood. Gather leaves in different hues, sizes, and shapes.

2. Back at home, frame one of the sheets of contact paper by applying strips of tape around the border of the non-sticky side. When done, turn it over and peel the backing off the sticky side; place the framed sheet on a table, sticky side up.

3. Invite your child to drop the leaves on the paper and discover how they stick.


4. When you’re finished, place the second sheet of contact paper over the leaves, lining up the edges with the bottom sheet. Gently press it down, slowly working from one edge to the other so you can work out any air bubbles as you go. (Air bubble removal is the only “hard part” of this project.)

5. Affix new strips of tape over the existing tape and fold over the corners to create a closed frame.


This project is also a fun one to do outside on a mild fall day—a gentle breeze can be a surprising co-creator for your little one! Place the contact paper on the ground and teach concepts of weather and gravity as she stands above it and lets the leaves fall.

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