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South Cleveland Avenue KinderCare

Crystal Kyser, Center Director

55 S Cleveland Ave Westerville OH 43081
(614) 899-0026 Contact this center

Ages: 6 weeks to 12 years

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Westerville City and Worthington City Schools

Elementary Schools Bussed To:
Annehurst, Fouse, Pointview, Mark Twain, McVay, and Slate Hill Elementary

Our center is accredited by the National Accreditation Commission.

Welcome to South Cleveland Avenue KinderCare

Welcome to South Cleveland Avenue KinderCare! We are located in Westerville, OH. We are committed to serving families here in the Columbus area. We build a warm, welcoming, and supportive classroom for children of all abilities, backgrounds, and experiences. It’s our mission from the moment you walk into our center that you feel welcomed and a part of our KinderCare family!

We’re proud of the industry-leading health and safety measures we’ve put in place to protect your family and our staff. And, if you need distance learning support for elementary school kids, grade K-6, we’re here for you. Contact our center director to learn more. We can’t wait to see you soon!

Meet Crystal Kyser, Our Center Director

At KinderCare Since: 2005

Education: Child Development Associate Credential

Favorite Children's Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Meet Crystal Kyser! She is the Center Director at South Cleveland Avenue KinderCare in Westerville, Ohio. Crystal attended Ellis University, where she earned a Child Development Associate credential. She has been with KinderCare since 2005. Every day, Crystal enjoys helping children learn and discover their true potential. Her favorite quote is, “The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.” Outside of work, Crystal enjoys drag racing and spending time at the ball fields.

at KinderCare, our accreditation equals excellence. Contact one of our daycares today!


We’re so proud!

Nationally only 10% of daycares are accredited - nearly 100% of our learning centers are. That’s a big difference, and that means KinderCare kids are getting the very best. Here’s why.

Group of children and teacher at a KinderCare daycare center


What Learning Looks Like

Our talented early-childhood teachers set kids down the path toward becoming lifelong learners in a positive, safe, and nurturing environment.

Our Programs

Infant Programs (6 weeks–1 year)

Leaving your baby in someone else’s care is a big step. Everyone at our centers—most importantly, our naturally gifted infant teachers—will work with you to make sure the transition goes smoothly. When you step into our infant classroom, you’ll see how much we want your infant to feel safe, loved, and ready to explore their world.

Toddler Programs (1–2 Years)

Everything in our toddler classroom is designed for little explorers. That’s because a lot is going on at this age. When your child is wandering all over the place, that means they’re learning and discovering new things every day. We’ll help them explore their interests (and find new ones!) as they play and learn.

Discovery Preschool Programs (2–3 Years)

This age is filled with so much wonder and curiosity. That’s why we offer a ton of books and toys and bring artwork down to kids eye level. Children in discovery preschool also begin to learn how we all work together in a classroom. Simple math and science, pretend play, and group play help them get used to a more structured school setting.

Preschool Programs (3–4 Years)

This age is all about expression, when kids really start to form their own ideas about what they want to play and how they want to create. Every day in our preschool classroom, your child will explore science experiments, create artwork, and play pretend—all the skills needed for their big next step: kindergarten!

Prekindergarten Programs (4–5 Years)

When you walk into one of our pre-K classrooms, you’ll see artwork and writing displayed around the room. Labels are everywhere to help kids connect letters with words. You’ll also see pictures on the walls that reflect the families in our community. Your child will also deepen their knowledge in language, math, science, Spanish, and social skills.

Before- and After-School Programs (5–12 Years)

You can count on us to provide reliable care for your school-ager while you’re at work, with safe transportation from our center to your child’s school and back! Whether your child wants to start a drama club, build a volcano, or create a comic book, they will have a place to follow their dreams. Your child will start and end the day with a whole lot of fun!

School Break Programs (preschool, prekindergarten, and school-age)

Winter break, spring break, summer break—when school’s out (but you still need to work), you can count on KinderCare to provide a safe and supportive learning environment that’s focused on fun. We welcome children ages 5–12 during school break times and make sure they have a sensational, screen-free experience they won’t forget.

Elementary School Distance Learning

Healthy bodies, happy hearts, growing minds. We make distance learning easy on your whole family! Our teachers are trained to facilitate safe and dynamic learning experiences online and in-person. Since every school has their own learning plan, we’ve added flexible enrollment options to meet your family’s needs. Whether you choose to enroll full-time, part-time, or before and after school, we’re here for you!

Learning Adventures - Enrichment Program

Cooking Academy™ (3 – 12 Years)

In Cooking Academy, kids learn new recipes from cultures around the world and develop a healthy relationship with food. They’ll whip up everything from Southwest rainbow lettuce wraps to pumpkin muffins, building their skills in STEM, communication, and more along the way. And yes—little chefs get to eat their culinary creations!

Music Explorers™ (2 – 4 Years)

KinderCare families are already giving a standing ovation to our newest Learning Adventures program: Music Explorers! Kids will learn to sing, move, listen, play instruments, and even create their own tunes. Our original curriculum blends math, science, social studies, literacy, and mindfulness (think yoga!) for a uniquely KinderCare way of learning the foundations of music.

Phonics Adventures® (2 – 4 Years)

Learning how to read is a whole lot of fun at KinderCare! We help kids grow to love books and words (and get ready for kindergarten) in our Phonics Adventures program. From discovering the basics of vowels to practicing poetry, kids learn all about letters and sounds in small-group lessons made just for their age group. (Bonus: Kids who attend our phonics program are more prepared than their peers for school—and we have the data to prove it.)

Our Teachers

We're the only company in early childhood education to select teachers based on natural talent. Being a great educator isn't enough though. KinderCare teachers are also amazing listeners, nurturers, boo-boo fixers, and smile-makers. Put more simply, we love our teachers and your child will, too.

Meet just a few of our amazing KinderCare teachers!

Daycare teacher at KinderCare helping young children


An Artist's Heart

"My classroom is full of art!” says Mary Annthipie-Bane, an award-winning early childhood educator at KinderCare. Art and creative expression, she says, help children discover who they really are.

teacher with artist educator dedicated teaching with her whole heart
gallup great workplace logo

We put our best-in-class teachers in a best-in-class workplace. We're so proud to have been named one of Gallup's 37 winners of the Great Workplace Award. When you put great teachers in an engaging center, your children will experience an amazing place to learn and grow.

Our Families

Don't take our word for it. Hear what our families have to say about our amazing center!

  • My son transitioned to the center a several months ago and struggled with morning drop offs. When Ms. Angel started at the center, she helped so much with those drop offs and he reaches for her in the morning and there are no more tears! It makes my drive to work so much better!

    Tom - KinderCare Parent
  • I enrolled my daughter in KinderCare on December 16, 2013. I'll never forget that date because I took 2 days off of work thinking she would have a hard time coping with it. Needless to say, that was unnecessary. A little background on my daughter...she used to have severe anxiety attacks when I would leave her with her aunts or even with my mom at times. She was even afraid of her own grandfather. That was until KinderCare. I started noticing improvements with her attitude within a month of enrolling her. I could take her to family functions and not have to have her by myside the whole time. She started coming out of her "shell" and becoming herself very quickly. I now have to keep her from hugging strangers! I've always read to my daughter and she already knew her shapes, animals, spelling of her name, colors and ABC's. However, once she gained confidence from her peers and the wonderful staff at KinderCare, she took off on a whole new level! She NEEDS to be read to every night and WANTS to learn the words and how they sound. She even knows her basic colors and some beginner words, like door and window, in Spanish! That wasn't from me or Dora! My daughter is pretty small for her age, but is very feisty, yet the staff here are very patient with her. She loves them very much and her daily routine of hugging Ms. Amber when she first arrives. Giving morning greetings to Ms. Amanda and Ms. Sandy are going to be greatly missed when she moves on to Kindergarten. She has to hug Ms. Valerie and Mr. Jon at the end of the day and get her stickers and dailies from Ms. Stephanie and Mr. Brandon. She also likes to give Mr. Zak a hard time, but only because she loves him! This place has been more than just a learning center for us. This has been a place for my daughter to grow and open up and to get to know herself, and to be herself without being afraid of the world and her surroundings. Without this particular KinderCare, with this very staff, my little girl would not be this lucky and for that, thank you!

    Jane - KinderCare Parent
  • Raising our children in a two income household was a difficult but necessary decision. Our two boys have attended KinderCare for 5 years now. In that time, my heart has been at ease knowing that while my husband and I work, our children are being nurtured and loved. I see this in the carefully planned daily activity calendars. It's apparent when our oldest son speaks Spanish and our youngest son breaks into the cutest songs and dances! I cherish the photos of our 4 1/2 year old enjoying his cooking lessons and the notes of excitement that our 2 1/2 year old went on the potty! I appreciate the recipes and activity ideas shared with parents, they make for fun Saturdays! The wonderful staff members at KinderCare are creating well-rounded children that will be ready to take on Kindergargen and the world!

    Brittney K. - KinderCare Parent

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Who Are KinderCare Families?

They hail from hundreds of cities across the country from countless backgrounds, and proudly represent every walk in life. What our families have in common, though, is the want to give their children the best start in life. We are so proud to be their partner in parenting.

Hear from just a few of our amazing KinderCare families.

Young family ready to go to their local KinderCare daycare center

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