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KinderCare Fall RegistrationKinderCare Fall Registration

Let's get growing this fall

This back to school season, give your child a safe, nurturing place where they can explore the world. Here’s how we set kids up with the very best start so they can learn, grow, and build confidence for life:

Safe and sound classrooms
Whenever you step through our front door, you’ll know you’re in a place where your child is safe, happy, and celebrated for who they are. From low child-to-teacher ratios to background checks for all teachers and staff, everything we do is designed to keep kids safe.

An individualized approach to learning
Our classrooms are designed around your child’s unique needs, and our curriculum is built from the latest research in early childhood development to help little minds grow. We regularly assess your child’s progress—and continue the conversation with you after the bell.

Teachers who care about your child
We know that not just anyone can be a teacher. We only choose natural-born leaders who have that special something that it takes to work with kids. All of our teachers are just as likely to get their hands dirty helping with an art project or playing in the sand as they are to teach your child their ABCs.

We’d love to meet your family, show you our classrooms in person, and hear what you’re looking for in a child care center. Find your nearest center below to take a tour!


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