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Leaf, Paper, Scissors: 3 Cool Collages Ideas That Make the Learning Stick  

From a Mondrian-inspired paper collage to a fall leaf assemblage, little kids can create all kinds of great things—all it takes is a little glue and plenty of imagination. These 3 projects are easy to set up and a totally great way to spend a fall afternoon, but there's big learning here, too (after all, these collage projects are all part of our classroom activities). 

Art projects of all stripes let kids find their own voices and express themselves. Collage art is filled with tasks like cutting, ripping, pasting, placing leaves, and even pouring grains of rice, all of which help your child strengthen her fine-motor skills. Why does that matter? Fine-motor skills will help your little artist get ready to write (holding a pen or pencil takes some strength and dexterity). She's building a skill that she'll need later on, even if she's spending this particular afternoon gluing leaves to your dining table. Paste on! 

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