Brain-Building Activity #5: Share Your Story (The Lessons Are Big, Even if the Story Is Small)

Brain-Building Activity #5: Share Your Story (The Lessons Are Big, Even if the Story Is Small)

Just getting home? Don’t drop your keys, wallet, and the mail in a pile by the door—instead, take a minute to let your kiddo help you empty your pockets (or purse). Take out each item one at a time and tell your child how you used it during the day. For example, “This is the key I use to start the car to drive to work.” It may be a small story, but to a three-year-old just starting to explore the world, those little stories can be magical. 

Why? Children love to hear about grown-ups’ days—especially when good things have happened. Understanding where you are (and what you do) when you’re not together helps them learn about the world around them, build vocabulary, and imagine their own possibilities. Encourage him to share the story of his day with you, too—right now his tale may be short and sweet, but in time, he’ll be able to share more and more.

Meet the Bezos Family Foundation.

The Bezos Family Foundation believes that all children are born with a deep desire and potential to learn—and that education is the best investment we can make today to ensure a better tomorrow (and at KinderCare, we couldn’t agree more). The Vroom program was created to inspire families to turn everyday moments into opportunities for children to learn and grow. Developed with input from neuroscientists, early childhood experts, and parents, Vroom shares the science of early brain development with families because all parents have the potential to create a bright future for their kids.

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