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7 Fab Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts You Can Make At Home

Photo by Andreas Gradin / Stocksy United
Photo by Andreas Gradin / Stocksy United

It’s that time of year again—the moment when you realize the hours before Father’s Day are swiftly dwindling, and you still don’t have a gift for the main man in your child’s life.

Sure, you could hit Amazon Prime, but while an All-Clad Oven-Probe meat thermometer or cordless reciprocating saw surely will be appreciated, we think the very best gifts are those straight from your wee ones’ hearts and hands (with a little help from mom).

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of seven nifty ideas for DIY presents that can be done last minute, with minimal shopping and supplies.

Happy 11th-hour crafting!

1. Hip Toddler-Art T-Shirt

All you need to make a cool graphic shirt (he will seriously want to wear!) is one of daddy’s favorite tees in a light, solid color (buy a new one or, in a pinch, use one he already has), a fabric marker, and some masking/painter’s tape. Have your kid scrawl his or her name across the bottom if able!

2. Splotchy Watercolor Mug

Poppytalk offers this unique how-to for making a manly-chic mug he can keep at the office to remind him of his creative spawn (and spouse). The basics: a white ceramic mug, nail polish in manly colors, and an old bowl (Tupperware is a good option, too).

3. Necktie Glasses Case

In a twist on the classic dad gift, turn that necktie into a case for his eyewear with this guide from Olive and Love. Pop into a thrift store with your tykes and let them pick out their favorite tie, and then hit the craft store for Velcro and fabric glue.

Depending on your children’s ages, they can help you measure, fold, cut, glue, and sew to make a sweet patterned pouch.

4. Scrabble Picture Frame

The recipe for this one could not be easier: Buy a plain picture frame and insert a favorite photo (your kid, your husband with the kid, the whole family); use Scrabble tiles to spell out something meaningful—you’ll need glue or double-sided tape to attach them; if you feel like it, let your kid go crazy with glitter, beads, buttons, feathers, paint, etc. on the outer frame.

If you don’t have time to print a photo, another option is handprints—all you’ll need is paint.

5. Tiny Accessories

This cute project from Oh Happy Day has a little more to it, but it will also be a blast. You’ll need a printer, shrink paper (check out AmazonWalgreensJo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, etc.), tie tack or cuff link backings or keychains, super glue, and some pics of your kids.

If you don’t have a printer, just let your little ones doodle on the shrink paper and turn it into wearable art.

6. Sharpie Doodle Coasters

Scroll down past the quilt stuff on this post from The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood and you’ll find a great guide to making DIY coasters. It will necessitate a trip to Home Depot (or similar) for ceramic tiles and a craft store for a glue gun, cork backing, and Sharpies, but the rest is a cinch—and dad will never put down a cup of coffee, smoothie, or beer again without thinking of his artful progeny.

7. Daddy Advent

Super short on time? Just grab a pile of envelopes to create your own version of an advent calendar inspired by another idea from Oh Happy Day. Number the envelopes from one to seven to represent a week (or more or less—whatever works for you). Then ask your child to supply sweet messages, pictures, or adorable I.O.U.s—e.g., “Coupon good for one foot rub.” Dad opens one envelope and gets a special surprise each day!

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