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Brain-Building Activity #3: Play in a Pots n' Pans Jam Band!

Brain-Building Activity #3: Play in a Pots n' Pans Jam Band!

Doing the dishes? Add in some learning that’s also good, loud fun. Toddlers love banging on things, so show her how to make a racket by hitting the bottom of the pot with a wooden spoon. Hand them over and let her try it out herself, and then drum together. Try taking turns!

When you’re making music together (even the noisy kind), your child is learning to listen closely and to express her own voice—both crucial stepping stones to building good communication skills. As she practices drumming—from soft taps to big whacks—she is also learning about cause (I hit the pot) and effect (it makes a sound), which helps your little rocker develop mathematical and scientific reasoning.

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