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Now Enrolling! From Spy School to Jungle Adventures, Our Summer Programs Keep Minds Bright

Photo by Ronnie Comeau / Stocksy United / 745921
Photo by Ronnie Comeau / Stocksy United

From caring for our planet, to computer coding, to unmasking their inner superheroes, school-agers at KinderCare are guaranteed to have a summer that rocks. Our summer programming is specially created for children ages 6-12 to give them tons of fun, really cool lessons, and a chance to explore their passions and the world around them. 

Every center’s programming is a little different (learning themes are chosen from the list below, based on what the kids are most interested in), so contact your local KinderCare and see what they’re planning—you can sign up for your child’s favorite topics or come all summer long!

Discover Our Amazing Planet

Oceanography Dive into the world’s oceans. Explore tide charts, echolocation, environmental concerns, and the amazing plants and animals that call the sea home.

Insects and Arachnids Tiny critters are a huge part of our natural world. With fun activities like making their own butterfly wings and insect trading cards, children can explore the creepy, crawly, fluttery, and downright fascinating world of insects.

A Closer Look at Trees and Birds From planting seedlings and making bird feeders to doing a yogi’s Tree pose, children will discover trees and birds, which have a lot to teach us about the world around us.

The Buzz About Bees There’s a lot to learn about the sweet honeybee, from its essential role in our ecosystem to life in the hive. Get to know our pollinators!

All About Jungles and Rainforests Take a trip to the tropics—see exotic animals swinging from trees, and learn about the jungles and rainforests of our planet and the global responsibility we have to protect them.

Explore (Really) Cool Jobs 

Photo by Kirsty Begg / Stocksy United / 213059
Photo by Kirsty Begg / Stocksy United

Spy School Crack codes, analyze clues, solve mysteries, and delve into the secret world of spies (yes, spy disguises are welcome).

Circus Science Walk on stilts! Practice juggling! Learn about the cool science that really makes the big top tick all while clowning around.

Junior Inventors Ready, set, invent! Learn how great inventors successfully created new things, and turn incredible ideas into awesome inventions.

Computer-Free Coding Think like a programmer! Learn basic coding and discover how it’s used in our everyday technology before developing a new and unique video game concept.

School Age Store Calling all entrepreneurs! From marketing to math, there’s a lot to learn at the store—whether it’s a lemonade stand or a pet shop. Plus, who doesn’t love playing with a toy cash register?

Let the Imagination Soar

Photo by Rawpixel Ltd. / iStock
Photo by Rawpixel Ltd. / iStock

Superheroes Among Us It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…you! Discover your super powers, talents, and strengths—from being the kindest kid in class to being the best at building blocks—and create a superhero identity that’s your very own.  

Mixed-Up Fairy Tales Grow a beanstalk, build a castle, or write your own Cinderella story: There’s lots of fun to be had with fairy tales. Discover new ways to read (and love) them!

Clash of the Colors Red, blue, or yellow: Pick your team! Work with others to compete in a series of fun challenges, like “Spoon Races” and “Move the Feather.” There’s a field day planned (and there’s plenty of colorful art to do, too)!

Puzzling Puzzles Sudokus, crosswords, mazes, and mysteries: Decode secret messages, work together to solve riddles, untangle word jumbles, and get lost in the wonderful world of puzzles.

Give Back

Photo by Cameron Whitman / Stocksy United / 40549
Photo by Cameron Whitman / Stocksy United

Community Service Encourage your children to show how much they care about their community by choosing and planning their very own community service project—from book drives to planting trees—and working together to bring it to life.

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