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Open Hearts: Teaching Kids to Embrace (and Love) Differences

"Children soak in every relationship and every experience they have—fully," says Kate Jordan-Downs, KinderCare Education's Director of Inclusion. "It's important that their early experiences are rooted in an opportunity to learn about differences in a positive way."  Watch the video to hear more about our commitment to creating an inclusive environment at every single one of our centers.

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Meet Kate.

As KinderCare Education’s Director of Inclusion, Kate Jordan-Downs is responsible for defining the vision of inclusive education in all of our sites and centers. “Every child deserves to have the opportunity to learn, grow, and feel a sense of belonging when they’re with us,” Jordan-Downs says. That means she works to ensure that all children's needs are being met in a learning environment that celebrates diversity and fosters self-confidence. The mother of two young sons, Jordan-Downs holds a Masters in Early Childhood: Inclusive Education and Instruction.

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