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6 Ways to Say Goodbye to the Candy (Without Eating All of It)

halloween candy bowl
Photo by mediaphotos / iStock

Brace yourself, the most candy-crazy holiday of the year is coming. How big will your child’s Halloween candy pile be? Sure, you could slowly whittle down the stash by doling out a few pieces a week for a few weeks. On the other hand, there are plenty of imaginative ways to use up those leftover chocolates and mini-bags of candy corn. Instead, why not…

1. Sell It

Programs like Halloween Candy Buyback connect families with local dentists willing to exchange those fun-size chocolate bars for prizes, coupons, and even cash. Simply enter your zip code into the website to find participating dentists near you.

2. Donate It

 Operation Gratitude will collect and send your sweet treats to deployed military personnel, creating a wonderful opportunity to talk to children about generosity and giving.

3. Get Scientific with It 

Get ready for the next school science fair by encouraging some sweet experimentation, such as letting Skittles dissolve in water to make a rainbow. Find more exciting candy experiments involving everything from jelly beans to chocolate bars.

4. Decorate with It

 Love those displays of mini villages decked out for the holidays? Make your own at home by using leftover candy to add a little bling to gingerbread houses for the winter season.

5. Bring It to the Office

Every workplace has a pick-me-up bowl for when the 3 p.m. slump strikes. Drop off your leftover sweets in the break room and watch it magically disappear!

6. Create a New Tradition

You know about the tooth fairy, but have you heard of the Switch Witch? The idea is the same: Have your kids leave the candy out and replace the haul with a toy, extra allowance, or a special family outing.

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