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Let Her Play! Pretending Today Helps Kids Build Skills For Tomorrow

There’s a reason why you’ll find children dressing up, pretending, and using their bright imaginations in our centers: Dramatic play is a powerful way for young children to develop socially, emotionally, and cognitively, all of which they’ll need to be successful in kindergarten and beyond. “When we let our children play and use their imaginations, we’re helping them develop problem-solving skills, we’re helping them develop cooperation, and we’re helping them be able to see other people’s perspectives,” says KinderCare Education’s Cheryl Flanders. That’s a powerful way to play!

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Meet Cheryl.

Principal. Teacher. Curriculum developer. Accreditation expert. There are few jobs Cheryl Flanders hasn’t held during her 30-plus years in education. (She even helped start a tiny village school in Kenya that today has 10 classrooms and 280 students.) Today, in her role as KinderCare Education’s Instructional Support Manager, she oversees all aspects of teacher preparation, including professional development days. “My passion is inspiring, encouraging, and helping teachers see the world the way children see the world,” Flanders says. She holds a Masters in Education Administration.

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