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5 Easy Plants to Get Kids Gardening Early!

Photo by Alicia Bock / Stocksy United / 173760
Photo by Alicia Bock / Stocksy United

There’s nothing better than growing your own vegetables! Not only are you avoiding possible pesticides, growing your own veggies is a fantastic learning experience for kids even as young as two or three. The act of gardening shows them where food comes from, teaches them responsibility and patience, and gives them the opportunity to get their hands a little dirty. (Plus, did you know that kids are much more likely to eat veggies if they had a hand in the growing process?)

Here are five easy plants for your child to try growing:

1. Leafy Greens

Healthy and beautiful salad greens are ideal for kids to tend! Think arugula, mizuna, spinach, romaine, and others. The time between planting and harvest is so short, most can be grown in just a few short weeks. 

Photo by Meaghan Curry / Stocksy United / 88953
Photo by Meaghan Curry / Stocksy United

2. Carrots

These shy orange cuties are a lot of fun because their green shoots grow quickly while their sweet roots stay hidden for a few weeks. That first glimpse of orange is sure to surprise them!

3. Radishes

Many radish varieties will grow roots big enough to eat in just 21 days! Remember: One radish seed will grow into a single radish, not a cluster, so plant accordingly. Choose sweet, kid-friendly varieties like Hailstone or Daikon—if your child doesn’t care much for veggies in the first place, we suggest serving them cooked rather than raw for a smoother flavor. 

Photo by Sally Anscombe / Stocksy United / 1037432
Photo by Sally Anscombe / Stocksy United

4. Basil

This fragrant staple can be grown indoors or out! If you’re planning to use your basil to make a big batch of pesto for pasta night, make sure to grow several plants. If you only have room for a few, use the basil for seasoning instead, and have your child harvest individual leaves when you need them for a stir-fry or curry dinner.

5. Strawberries

With their short roots, strawberries are a great choice for planting in a pot—and your little one will love eating the end result. There’s a ton of ways you can incorporate this little fruit into your mealtime rotation.

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