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3 Nature-Inspired Art Activities to Bring Autumn Home

Photo © Tana Teel/Stocksy UnitedFall is a great time to get outside with your family and talk about the seasons (even if you live in a perennially sunny part of the country). Our idea? Bring a little basket and collect some of what has already fallen to the ground.

Leaves, chestnuts, and acorns all are great inspiration for these fun craft projects that literally help you bring the season home! Walks are also a great time to have an engaged conversation with your kids. By asking questions like, “Why do you think the leaves are changing?” or “What happens to the leaves after they fall down?” you’ll be developing their minds, too!

Crayon rubbing of fern leaf1) Leaf Rubbing


  • Paper (various colors)
  • Crayons
  • Leaves (Freshly fallen leaves are a bit sturdier.)
  • Watercolor paint (optional)

Directions: Place a large leaf or several small leaves under a piece of paper. (Hold the paper down tight so it doesn’t move while rubbing.) Rub paper with the side of a crayon. Cut them out and create a collage!

Tip: Use watercolor paint over the rubbings to add more color to the paper and create a unique masterpiece!


Leaf Wreath2) Leaf Wreath


  • Large paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Leaves (or any other materials you’ve gathered)

Directions: Cut out the center of the large paper plate (to any desired size). Glue the leaves onto the paper plate in any arrangement, making sure to cover all of the exposed part of the plate.

If desired, print out some pictures of you and your little one and use the leaf wreath as a picture frame!


Leaf Tree Collage3) Fall Tree Collage


  • Brown construction paper
  • Leaves
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Directions: Using brown construction paper, cut out a tree shape; it doesn’t have to be perfect! Glue the tree onto a piece of construction paper. Let your little one glue the small leaves you collected onto the tree branches. You can even add acorns or other things you’ve found, though you may need to use a hot glue gun for heavier items.

Tip: Have your child trace a hand and forearm onto the brown construction paper to cut out as the tree!

Have you done any nature-inspired crafts with your little one? We’d love to see pictures of you and your child’s masterpieces.

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