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Community Social - Sept.

Sample Schedule for an Infant's Day

Infant room schedules are not always posted, and can be variable, as the reflect what the babies are doing throughout the day, not what the teachers are doing.

They usually include:

  • Community Time
  • Time Outdoors
  • Discovery Baskets
  • Meals and Snacks
  • Here's an example daily activities for our Infant classrooms.

    Community Time

    Community Time is when all infants come together briefly as a group for Talking Together, Books, or Songs and Fingerplays.

    • Talking Together: This is a time to acknowledge all infants by welcoming each into the group and talking about any special events or happenings that day.
    • Books: Community Time can also be a time to read books associated with the monthly theme or other events.
    • Songs and Fingerplays: Theme-related song or fingerplay can be sung or performed during Community Time.

    Outdoor Play

    Outdoor play allows for fun as well as growth and development.

    Discovery Baskets

    Each day infants will have a turn exploring the discovery basket, containing materials to explore at their own pace and with little, if any, adult guidance. These will represent a variety of different shapes, textures, weights, smells, and sounds.

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