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Sample Daily Rhythm for our Infant Classrooms

Daily schedules are developed with the following in mind; Matching the age and abilities of the children, outdoor time, both structured and unstructured, every day, and at least two large blocks of time for child-directed learning. These include; Morning and Afternoon Group Time, Small-Group Activities, Morning and afternoon child-directed learning in learning centers, Outdoor play and activities, Snack and meals, and Rest time.



Here are examples of activities we do together as a group or with a teacher:

pandas playing
Group time
We come together to sing songs, read books, and discover new things about the world!

Cuddle time
Infants in our classrooms get lots of one-on-one time with teachers.

Outdoor play
Every day, infants go outside into the fresh air to explore nature.

We follow your infant’s natural rhythm 
Once your infant moves into the toddler classroom, they’ll begin a daily rhythm as a class. For now, how your infant spends their day with us has a lot to do with their natural rhythm at home. You can learn more about how we approach infants and sleeping here. You can also see a sample of our daily toddler rhythm here.
pandas playing