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Welcome Back to Learning

C’mon in—we’re ready to learn! 

See how we welcome children to our classrooms.

So much has changed in the world, but some things remain the same: Our centers are a safe and healthy place to learn and grow! 

Our approach to welcoming children into the classroom has always been—and still is—built upon the idea that we meet children where they are and help them develop at their pace. We care for the wellbeing of each child with a whole child approach that addresses their academic growth and social emotional learning.  
Here’s how our teachers and staff support students:  

Make sure they’re ready

When your family joins us, you’ll have an opportunity to complete a Learning Journey Profile with your child’s teacher. This way, we get to know you all a little better! Then, we can tailor learning to your child’s unique strengths and challenges, and help them get ready for elementary school!  

Learning Journey Profiles allow: 
  • Families to share what knowledge, skills, and interests your child is currently demonstrating 
  • Teachers to create individualized learning plans that meet the unique needs and interests of your child 

Targeted readiness support for all ages provides:  
  • Additional literacy and numeracy experiences to help with school readiness and learning loss  
  • Creative, project-based learning to keep curriculum experiences fresh and fun 

Nurture their social and emotional skills

This part of our education plan focuses on helping each child form strong school relationships, express big feelings, practice flexibility, and grow independence.  

We’ll boost connection by:  
  • Building children’s relationships with teachers and friends  
  • Practicing daily routines and socialization skills  
  • Creating a sense of security and belonging  
  • Supporting problem solving, self-regulation, and conflict-resolution skills  

We’ll practice communication by:  
  • Finding opportunities to process experiences and share feelings together  
  • Encouraging the expression of emotions and asking for help to get needs met  

We’ll build confidence by:  
  • Learning academic and social independence  
  • Practicing skills that build flexibility and resilience

Reconnect to their community

This part of our education plan provides children with community service experiences that can be shared with peers and family. Being in service to others is a wonderful way to grow children’s empathy and compassion, and give them a well-earned dose of pride!  

Students can care for the community by:  
  • Working together on a project that helps give back to our local community  
  • Engaging in a collective effort that builds understanding  
  • Bonding with teachers and classmates through service to others  
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Our goal now (and forever) is to prioritize safety first, inspire a love of learning, and build confidence for life!