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Message from Tom Wyatt

A Message from Tom Wyatt, our CEO

From: Tom Wyatt
To: KCLC families
Date: Friday, March 20
Subject line: Doing the right thing
Hi everyone, 
As the coronavirus crisis evolves, we’ve been doing our best to support you and our employees. Some of you have chosen to keep your children home. In many of your communities, we’ve had to close our doors temporarily. We’ve also heard from families working on the front lines of this battle that you need our support now more than ever.
Starting Monday, we’ll focus on operating a select number of centers across the country that play a role in supporting families in essential community roles. This means we’ll temporarily close all other locations as we focus on providing service in these critical centers. We know this will be disruptive to many of you, but we truly believe it’s how we’ll do our part to win this battle.
We’ve selected these essential KinderCare locations based on their proximity to medical centers and communities with large numbers of families who have requested our care. The number of open centers will fluctuate, and we’ll continue to respond to community needs as we are able. The centers that remain open will serve families currently enrolled in those centers and those who work in emergency and medical services, and we’ll work to accommodate other essential workers, such as sanitation workers and grocery store staff.
We’ll be staffing our open centers with our own teachers who choose to work during this crisis and enhancing our cleaning and safety procedures. We’ve built a resources hotline and provided access to telemedicine services for our employees who are impacted until we’re able to reopen locations.
I know you will have many more questions, and concerns. Your center director is the heart of your center community, and will be reaching out to you directly to share more detailed information and answer questions. You can also call us at (866) 337-3105 for more support.
At the heart of it all, I am in this with you. It’s my duty to safeguard the health and wellbeing of your loved ones and my staff. I could never have imagined the way this public health emergency would impact us all.
I’ll continue to respond to developments with your best interests—and those of everyone we serve—in mind. 

Tom Wyatt