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KinderCare Quality Child CareKinderCare Quality Child Care

Our Focused, Qualified Approach

Kindergarteners Are Getting a Head Start on School!

Our approach to learning makes all the difference, and the research results are in! A March 2016 study of 1,600 children found KinderCare kindergartners testing at 1st-grade levels.

Our Kindergarten Children Outperform Their Peers

KinderCare kindergartners outperform their peers
By the 7th month of kindergarten, KinderCare children test at first-grade levels in both math and reading.

Time With
KinderCare Matters

Students perform better in tests the longer they are enrolled with KinderCare
Children who have been with us for more than a year tested 17% higher overall than those who have been with KinderCare for less time.

 Results based on the TerraNova® Third Edition assessment of over 1,600 children in March 2016.

Development for the whole child

As a parent you're focused on preparing your child for the life come, for long-term learning and wellness. Our approach brings together six areas - called developmental domains - to encourage children to become life-long learners as a basis for a happy and healthy life.

Language and Literacy Development

Involves children’s abilities to convey their ideas, thoughts, and feelings through speaking and writing, and their ability to demonstrate early reading skills.

Executive Function

Focuses on the development of skills necessary for learning, such as self-regulation, attention, and persistence.

Social and Emotional Development

Supports your child’s ability to express and regulate feelings and develop relations with others.

Physical Development and Wellness

Gives your child opportunities to build large- and small-muscle skills, strength, stamina, and knowledge needed to live a healthy lifestyle.

Cognitive Development

Supports the mental processes needed to think, make sense of the world, and understand knowledge across different subjects, including mathematics, science, and social studies.

Creative Expression

Helps your child creatively explore the arts, movement, drama, and music.

Our Expertise

We integrate everything that happens in the classroom to fill all your child's needs. We focus on the development of the whole child by including activities for: language and literacy math and science creative arts social emotional, and physical development Our curriculum is written by our in-house experts and updated frequently to keep up with new standards and current research.

Our Experts

Dr. Elanna YalowDr. Elanna Yalow is KinderCare Education's (KCE) Chief Academic Officer and a member of the Board of Directors of KinderCare Education. She also serves as Professor of Early Childhood Education at the Asian International College, an institution for higher learning and teacher education in Singapore.

Dr. Yalow holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the Stanford University School of Education, an M.B.A. from Stanford University Graduate School of Business, and a B.A. in Psychology from the State University of NY at Stony Brook, where she was Phi Beta Kappa. She serves on the Advisory Board of the National Childhood Obesity Foundation, Parenting Magazine’s Mom Congress, and the Child Development Policy Institute.

Dr. Yalow is married and the mother of two sons. She is the daughter of the late Dr. Rosalyn Yalow, 1977 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine.

Your Child's Day

Our centers are designed to be a home away from home for children where they can learn, laugh, grow and have fun. In addition to our age-appropriate activities we focus on providing healthy meals and snacks. Our own registered dietitian plans wholesome meals and satisfying snacks that meet federal and state requirements and guidelines established by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). We also work with food manufacturers to create appropriate portion sizes and nutritional ingredients for children.