Look Inside Whirlpool’s On-Site Child Care

Bring work to life and see the benefits ripple through your workforce.

How do you attract the very best talent from around the world? By becoming known for treating your workforce like people, not just employees, and giving them the means to better integrate work and life. Employers offering child care show they care about the same thing as their team: family.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of powerful home appliances, Whirlpool’s service to families helps them focus on what really matters so they can flourish. That’s why their partnership with KinderCare was such a natural fit.

Together, KinderCare and Whirlpool created a site-specific, brand-proud center that reflected the best of Whirlpool’s culture. For their employees, it means more confidence in a future with them. Watch this short video to peek inside The Eddy, Whirlpool’s very own KinderCare Custom on-site child care center at their headquarters in Benton Harbor, Michigan.



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