Caring is your mission, and ours.

Our child care options let healthcare employees breathe easier.

Your employees look to you to help them juggle work and life. We’re here to help. The KinderCare at Work program provides high-quality early education. It’s more than daycare. Our customizable child care benefits for health care organizations let your people care for their people, and their career. Now that feels good for everyone.

What do your medical professionals feel, and want?


You can't put a bandage on burnout.

More than half (54%) of practicing clinicians say they are burned out.
(Mayo Clinic)

Standard benefits just won't cut it.

Between two equal residency programs, 71% of medical professionals would more highly rank the one with child care options. 
Working Parents

Working parents struggle to juggle.

59% of moms and 62% of single parents would take a pay cut for quality child care benefits. 
(2019 Harris Poll)

How can you help them, and your bottom line?

  • Alleviating stress will strengthen employee retention by helping keep your people healthier, happier, and more loyal.
  • Reducing employee turnover will improve your employer brand so you can attract, keep, and engage top talent for longer.
  • Upholding a healthy workplace culture, allows your entire organization to thrive, because feeling good is contagious.

It’s easier knowing that my child is getting taken care of and I work for a great company that supports my family every day. It’s great, actually. I don’t feel like I have to worry about him while I focus on work.

- Lori, Certified Medical Assistant, TriHealth

Our 2019 Parent Confidence Survey found that 70% of parents feel they are "expected to do it all without fundamental support systems."

Source (2019 Harris Poll)

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