Program Themes for September 2012

Program Themes for February 2012

Below is a sampling of some activities your child may participate in during the month of September 2012.



Sample activities include:

  • Library & Language: Listening to songs and picture-card stories; playing pat-a-cake; looking at picture books
  • Motor: Pulling up to a sitting position with support; scribbling with crayons; standing with assistance
  • Cognitive: Exploring fabrics of different textures; riding in strollers to explore the outside environment
  • Sensory: Exploring colors by looking at suncatchers made with tissue paper



For Toddlers, the theme is “Me and My Family.”  Sample activities include:

  • Library & Language: Looking at photographs of family members
  • Creative Arts: Coloring boxes with markers and crayons
  • Sensory: Exploring play dough with hands and play-dough tools
  • Dramatic Play: Exploring dress-up with a variety of clothes and accessories


Discovery Preschool

For Discovery Preschool, the theme is “Me and My Family.” Sample activities include:

  • Library & Language Arts: Exploring family-related books and photographs; using words to describe the textures on tactile cards; Reading the featured books Hands Can by Cheryl Willis Hudson and You and Me Together: Moms, Dads, and Kids Around the World by Barbara Kerley
  • Creative Arts: Creating art with markers and crayons
  • Science & Sensory: Exploring and manipulating play dough with hands and play-dough tools
  • Dramatic Play: Dressing up and pretending in a home-themed dramatic-play area
  • Math & Manipulatives: Sorting counters by color



For Preschool, the theme is “All About Me.”  Sample activities include:

  • Library and Language Arts: Writing names with pencils; drawing faces with dry-erase markers; drawing self-portraits and pictures of favorite things to create All About Me booklets; reading the featured book Here Are My Hands by Bill Martin, Jr., and John Archambault
  • Creative Arts: Painting with finger paint at the easel
  • Science & Sensory: Exploring different colors of play dough; exploring faces through magnifying glasses, binoculars, and color paddles
  • Dramatic Play: Using dress-up clothes, face paints, and other accessories to dress up
  • Math & Manipulatives: Building with blocks



For Prekindergarten, the theme is “My Home and Family.”  Sample activities include:

  • Library & Literacy: Manipulating letter puzzles and identifying letter sounds; reading books about families such as Families by Ann Morris
  • Creative Arts: Painting and decorating body tracings
  • Science & Sensory: Making skin-color paint; washing dolls
  • Dramatic Play: Role-playing and pretending in a home-themed environment
  • Math & Manipulatives: Stamping with number stamps





















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