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Discovery Preschool Education for 2-3 year olds

KinderCare Early Foundations® Discovery Preschool Program

At this age, children make new discoveries daily. And as two- and three-year-olds begin to express their independence, our Early Foundations Discovery Preschool program introduces them to a world of learning, sharing, and exploring.

Our holistic approach in the classroom engages young minds with the early learning fundamentals they'll need as they continue on to preschool, with a rich blend of music, art, and dramatic play.

Everything we do is designed to prepare your child for preschool education. Here’s a sample of how, from a weekly unit we call All About Me:


Activities include helping choose books for the Library Learning Center in keeping with the theme, and learning to identify and name different body parts, such as head, eyes, nose, mouth, arms, legs, hands, and feet.


Counting and patterning skills are the focus of group activities involving movement, clapping, and identifying different body parts.


Children will discuss and practice a few classroom rules during morning group activities, which will provide opportunities to practice impulse control and self-regulation, two executive-function skills. Afternoon group activities focus on memory and helping children become more acquainted with other children in the group.

Discover how our areas of focus give your child endless opportunities to learn and grow.

Communicating With Others

KinderCare helps your child increase language skills.

We stimulate vocabulary development by prompting imitation and repetition of words and sentences; build alphabet recognition through play with letters and writing centers; and strengthen conversation skills with group sharing and reading experiences.

Building Brain Power

KinderCare immerses your child in experiences designed to expand the mind.

We encourage investigation and problem solving; provide opportunities to practice sorting, matching and categorizing; and use blocks and math cards to teach counting, number identification, and patterning.

Making New Friends

KinderCare helps your child experience a sense of community.

We support cooperative play; use whole- and small-group activities to model sharing, communication, and cooperation; and demonstrate how to recognize others' feelings and respond appropriately.

Growing a Healthy Body

KinderCare coaches your child to develop new physical abilities.

We strengthen large-motor skills with riding equipment, balls, and movement activities; improve fine-motor and eye-hand coordination through pouring, stringing, and cutting activities; develop coordination using beanbags, hula hoops, and balance beams; and help children learn to serve themselves at meal times.

Nurturing Creativity

KinderCare encourages your child to express individuality.

We support pretend play and role-playing with props and costumes; encourage creative expression through age-appropriate art materials; and stimulate imagination through storytelling and block-building.