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KinderCare Kindergarten learning for 5-6 year olds

KinderCare Early Foundations® Kindergarten Program

As children reach school age, our comprehensive, academically-rich kindergarten program helps them explore, communicate, and create — all in a nurturing, small-class setting.

We present our unique curriculum of reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and physical fitness in an engaging way that encourages a lifelong love of learning. Our kindergarten program prepares children to confidently enter first grade.

Everything we do is designed to educate the whole child:

  • Comprehensive kindergarten learning program with before- and after-school care
  • Educational field trips and school presentations that build on classroom learning
  • Regular teacher-family communication, including daily updates to keep you informed
  • Comprehensive reporting on individual child's achievement through standardized tests and parent-teacher conferences

Your child's kindergarten education at KinderCare

Our areas of focus give your child endless opportunities to learn and grow.

Communicating With Others

KinderCare helps your child enhance communication skills.

We help your kindergartener participate in collaborative conversation on a variety of topics; support asking and answering thought-provoking questions, reading aloud, and developing writing skills; and encourage expressing thoughts, feelings, and ideas through individual and group discussion.

Building Brain Power

KinderCare supports your kindergartener in learning to gather information in new ways.

We provide opportunities to carry out scientific investigations, estimate, and measure; use maps, charts, and graphs to teach about geography; and provide kindergarten age-appropriate experiences with technology, earth science, life science, and physical science.

Making New Friends

KinderCare helps your child understand the importance of collaboration.

We provide opportunities for kindergarteners to work in teams; support taking turns to perform classroom jobs to develop cooperation skills, a sense of accomplishment, and pride; and develop a sense of community and cultural awareness through discussions about shared goals and experiences.

Growing a Healthy Body

KinderCare encourages your kindergarten child to take physical development, health, and safety seriously.

We make connections between good nutrition and healthy bodies through games, sports, and nutrition-focused activities; provide opportunities to practice self-help skills; and build team spirit through team experiences.

Nurturing Creativity

KinderCare supports your child in building a confident self-image.

We enhance confidence through movement, dramatic play, and group activities; support the development of new skills and individual talents in art, music, and dance; and promote creative writing through daily writing opportunities.