University Place KinderCare

Jill Ripley,
Center Director

5424 Orchard St. West Tacoma WA 98467
Ph: (253) 474-5295
6 Weeks to 12 Year-Olds
5:45 AM to 6:30 PM, M-F

SPECIAL DIRECTIONS: at 56th & Orchard next to 7-Eleven & Subway

ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS BUSED TO: Whittier Elementary 777 Elm Tree Ln, Fircrest, WA 98466 (253) 571-7500 (public school bus drops off and picks up at center.)

Center Calendar

May 2015
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Sun Apr 26
Mon Apr 27
Tue Apr 28
  • Daily Schedule

    Daily Schedule

    Infants: Explore Grass
    Toddlers: Take a tour through the center
    Discovery Preschool: Count flowers
    Preschool: Gorilla movement game
    Pre-Kindergarten: Create patterns with craft sticks

Wed Apr 29
Thu Apr 30
  • Daily Schedule

    Daily Schedule

    Infants: Explore toy plants
    Toddlers: Use measuring cups and spoons
    Discovery Preschool: Create garden art
    Preschool: Zebra Gallup relay race
    Pre-Kindergarten: Make snake tracks

Fri May 1
Sat May 2
Sun May 3
Mon May 4
Tue May 5
  • Daily Schedule

    Daily Schedule

    Infants: Make watery footprints
    Toddlers: “Good Morning”
    Discovery Preschool: Play hopscotch
    Preschool: Introduce lowercase “t”
    Pre-Kindergarten: Sample foods

Wed May 6
Thu May 7
  • Daily Schedule

    Daily Schedule

    Infants: The color song
    Toddlers: Scoop pasta with measuring cups
    Discovery Preschool: “Twinkle Twinkle”
    Preschool: Explore soil
    Pre-Kindergarten: Play sun tag

Fri May 8
Sat May 9
Sun May 10
Mon May 11
  • Daily Schedule

    Daily Schedule

    Infants: Explore and play with blocks
    Toddlers: Egg shakers
    Discovery Preschool: Introduce the color red
    Preschool: Draw in soil
    Pre-Kindergarten: Write in soil

Tue May 12
Wed May 13
  • Daily Schedule

    Daily Schedule

    Infants: Explore gelatin
    Toddlers: “A circle”
    Discovery Preschool: Make yellow collages
    Preschool: Count flower petals
    Pre-Kindergarten: Create flower patterns

Thu May 14
Fri May 15
  • Daily Schedule

    Daily Schedule

    Infants: Squeeze bags of colored paint
    Toddlers: Experiment with paint colors
    Discovery Preschool: Color movement game
    Preschool: Weigh and measure seeds
    Pre-Kindergarten: Play gardener says

Sat May 16
Sun May 17
Mon May 18
Tue May 19
  • Daily Schedule

    Daily Schedule

    Infants: Paint with textured finger paint
    Toddlers: Look for colors and shapes
    Discovery Preschool: Introduce color orange
    Preschool: Jump like crickets
    Pre-Kindergarten: Count ladybug dots

Wed May 20
Thu May 21
  • Daily Schedule

    Daily Schedule

    Infants: Manipulate blocks         
    Toddlers: Scoop cereal
    Discovery Preschool: Sample colorful fruit
    Preschool: Clothespin drop game
    Pre-Kindergarten: Dance like bees communicating

Fri May 22
Sat May 23
Sun May 24
Mon May 25
  • Center Closed

    Center Closed

Tue May 26
Wed May 27
  • Daily Schedule

    Daily Schedule

    Infants: Sing songs
    Toddlers: Push toy shopping cart
    Discovery Preschool: Search for colors outdoors
    Preschool: Crawl like caterpillars
    Pre-Kindergarten: Chart favorite insects

Thu May 28
Fri May 29
  • Daily Schedule

    Daily Schedule

    Infants: Find hidden items
    Toddlers: Build with green blocks
    Discovery Preschool: Play musical chairs
    Preschool: Butterfly scarf dance
    Pre-Kindergarten: Hunt for insects in the grass

Sat May 30

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