Child Care Referrals and Testimonials from Parents

Child Day Care Referrals from Parents

At KinderCare, what families say about us means a lot. Read below some of the great experiences our families have had with us.


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Testimonials from Parents

I love your teachers! When my daughter's teacher learned that her jack-o-lantern got smashed by vandals this weekend, her teacher made her one during her break today so that my daughter could take it home for Halloween tonight.


Aaron | KinderCare Dad 


Rule #1 of cooking class: bittersweet chocolate just doesn't taste good. Hannah learned that the hard way. In the middle of cooking class with Miss Linda, Hannah was eyeing chocolate on the counter and thrilled when her teacher let her have just a bit. Joy quickly turned to discontent when she realized that she was eating bittersweet chocolate, not semisweet chocolate.


This is just one example how the enrichment classes at KinderCare have helped our daughter become the quizzical 4 year old she is today.


Through cooking, she felt a sense of accomplishment in completing a project from start to finish. There was wonderment in seeing that flour, sugar, eggs and other ingredients could come together and make brownies or cookies. On top of that, she got to eat the delicious results at the end. (And lets be honest, mom and dad loved being able to taste test as well.)


While we were all happy with the results from cooking class, I admit hearing her say, "Mom, I want to take phonics," really made me happy. Dave and I want Hannah to enjoy learning, and we feel that phonics gives her an opportunity to learn without her realizing it. Learning IS fun, and the phonics class Hannah is in has shown that.


Not only does she have a better understanding of letters and sounds, but she can write her name, recognize letters and words, and has begun asking about how she can learn to read. Talk about great preparation for kindergarten – and that's still more than a year away!


The biggest compliment to phonics happened earlier this month. On a Mother's Day mission to get the perfect card, Dave told Hannah to sign her name. She did without question or needing help. Taking it one step forward he then said, ok put mom's name on the envelope. She did – no questions asked.


Less than a year ago, Hannah didn't recognize all her letters by sight. Now, thanks to the endless work of her phonics teachers, she can write her letters, spell words by sight and write words all on her own. 


Monica O | KinderCare Learning Center, New Berlin, Wisconsin 


We chose to enroll our son at a KinderCare child care center because there is a very open line of communication between the staff and the parents, the staff themselves are very knowledgeable and into what each individual child's needs are, they're very flexible, and there is always a center director there to guide and answer any questions that you may have.


Kemmiel Snowden-Frazer | Bonita KinderCare Learning Center. Bonita, CA 


Having two kids, being in the military, wife going to school full-time, it was very nice to know that there was an early childhood program out there that would help us with our child care needs. KinderCare [has] friendly caretakers that I can honestly say are my friends.


Randy Alfaro | Santee KinderCare Learning Center. Santee, CA 


It is such a great feeling to know that our family has found a child care center that is so loving and supportive of military families like us. KinderCare has given our son excellent care! Their staff is so wonderful and encouraging to our family.


Andrea Crabb | East Montwood KinderCare Learning Center. El Paso, TX 


Our whole experience at KinderCare has been very positive. The first call and the first visit, Ms. Wendy was very informative and welcomed all of our questions. The entire staff at this KinderCare is so positive and treats everyone with great respect. You are greeted with a smile in the morning and the smell of warm food and greeted with a smile when you return. What a great place for children!


Dana L. Jarvis | East Montwood KinderCare Learning Center. El Paso, TX 


My son has attended KinderCare Center for five years. Through the Learning Adventures™ at KinderCare, my son, Steve, has made a strong positive change in school with his reading and math. My family appreciates the staff at KinderCare for the way they have cared for Steve as though he was family.


Terry A Reeves | Hope Mills KinderCare Learning Center. Fayetteville, NC 


My son, Miguel, is autistic and he is in the three-year-old class and because of his child care associates [at KinderCare] my son is engaged in life. He is learning social skills and people skills from them that I had a tough time teaching at home. He is also in the phonics class and Ms. Beverly has extended my sons speech and communication to an all-time high. My son wakes up every morning singing the songs that his music teacher Ms. Amanda is teaching him. They say that my son was supposed to disengage himself from life but with all these caring people at KinderCare keeping him engaged, he has a new life. I am so grateful and his early childhood teachers should be commended for the good work that they are giving to my son. I owe them my son's love of life; he is now engaged and communicating. Thank you.


Casandra Solis


I enrolled my son in a KinderCare day care center when he was 13 months old. I interviewed approximately 20 child care programs. The process of elimination began with the first phone call. Not only was the first phone call to KinderCare pleasant and inviting, but once I entered the building I noticed all of the teachers greeting each child in the hallway by name, with attention given to each child.


The Assistant Director answered all of my many questions and once we did drop him off the first day, she was there, with tissues in hand, assuring us that our baby would be OK and that we could call her anytime to see how he was doing. And, she meant it. Anytime I called, she would check in on him and let me know how he was doing, and what he was doing – that extra bit of information gave it that special touch. She took that extra step.


My son is now four, he went to a new school in September, but here we are, back at KinderCare in May! The attention and experience given to each child as an individual is priceless. To watch each child greeted as they come in to their classroom, regardless how many children the teacher has hanging on his or her legs and arms, is the perfect way to start the morning!


There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of my son singing in the car on the ride home when I pick him up. It was a sound that was silenced for the eight months at his other school.I can't thank or rave about the staff at KinderCare enough!


Cyndi Cartagena Rosario


Words cannot express the thanks that my family has for each and every KinderCare early childhood teacher and staff person that has been a part of our family for almost nine years.


We enrolled at KinderCare in 2001 when Steven was six weeks old. Since then he has grown and matured into an amazing, intelligent young man. When he started kindergarten, his teacher told us that he was better prepared for school than any child she has taught for several years. That comment made by a teacher who has over 15 years of experience describes the job you do on a daily basis. He is now in 2nd grade and being tested for the gifted program. 


Only 18 months later, along came Karlie, need we say more; a very independent, stubborn, little lady that had a direction of her own. Together we (mom, dad, and KinderCare staff) loved, laughed, and cried. We worked together for consistency in all areas of her development. She is now a very productive 1st grader that has learned her boundaries and is successful both academically and socially. Together our success has paid off.


Just when we thought our years at KinderCare were coming to an end, we were unexpectedly, blessed with our twins, Joshua and Shaelyn.


When Joshua was enrolled he was a little hesitant and didn't really know what to think. He spent his first week, in the nursery and office with Mrs. Jane, crying. He quickly learned that KinderCare was going to be a daily part of his life and with your help has adjusted as any typical little boy would. At age 2 he knew his ABCs and now at three years old, he can recognize his name and most of the letters in it. He has also become quite a social little guy.


Shaelyn is a success story all by herself. When she started KinderCare, she was also very hesitant and needed a lot of extra TLC. She spent the first week, and then some, crying. Her lack of trust and security was very apparent, and quite an obstacle to overcome. Again, we worked together and built that trust and security she needed to progress. She has transformed from a tearful, scared, reserved, and withdrawn toddler to a very intelligent, outgoing, and verbal little girl.  She can recognize many letters and colors and can count to 10 in Spanish and English.


As a parent, I would like to take full credit for everything I have described above and all of the success and progress each of my children have overcome. The credit of their success truly belongs to those of you who have taught and mentored each one of them on a daily basis both academically and socially. You have gone above and beyond just "doing a job." You have loved, nurtured, and made lasting positive impressions on their lives. You have given each of them a strong, stable foundation to build upon for future success.


Amy and Dave Romines


As a parent, I entrust my greatest blessing to the staff at KinderCare every day, and I am grateful for the loving care and guidance he receives. The teachers and director look at each child as an individual, with their own strengths and needs. My son has been blessed with awesome teachers who understand his challenges, and handle him with grace. My child has learned so much and continues to share with me the great activities that go on each day at "school!" Thank you to the KinderCare child care organization for an incredible early childhood curriculum that engages and teaches at all steps of the day, and a special thanks to Karen and her staff; they continue to do amazing works of "heart" with all children.


Becky Tegeler | Lincoln, Nebraska 


I love KinderCare. Gabrielle first attended KinderCare in Slidell, Louisiana. As a new mother, my first concern was finding somewhere I would feel comfortable leaving her, as I needed to return to work and she was only four months old. From the moment that I walked in the room, I started to tear up. The room was brightly colored, and the teacher greeted her warmly. The early childhood teachers were always good about communicating things about her day, which was important as she had some chronic health concerns in her first year.


About a year later, we were called to relocate to Pennsylvania. We were able to find another local KinderCare day care center near our new home. There, I have watched my daughter grow and learn even more. She is keeping up and surpassing the standards set for a child her age. This is especially important as the expectations for entering kindergarten have changed dramatically over the years. They also are accommodating of her special dietary needs. She is currently she is allergic to peanuts and they are a peanut-free facility. They even check treats from other students.


My daughter loves to go to "school." They make learning fun. She talks fondly of her teachers. In fact, she even said that one of her teachers "loves me" when she was two. Even at three, I still receive daily reports, which tell me how she eats, sleeps and plays. That can tell me a lot about any changes in her moods in the evenings.


I could say more about the office staff, extra activities, etc. But in short, I recommend KinderCare to all of my neighbors. I will be sad when she leaves there.


Tiphany W.


I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a great job you are doing as Director of KinderCare at Mt. Olive and that I truly appreciate it! We joined KinderCare about two months ago and felt so welcomed into the community right away! Your wonderful smile is great to see each morning we come in. I don't know how you do it but you are always in a wonderful mood! I know that Zach is in a loving and safe environment and that is the best feeling any parent whose child is in child care can have. You are always ready to help with any questions I have and are always professional and kind. So, thank you Cindy. I really do appreciate everything you do! I'm so happy Zach and I are a part of your community! A million thanks to you!


Jill Barral


I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a pleasure it is to have our daughter enrolled in the toddler program at KinderCare Monroeville.


Ms. Jen and Ms. Brenda are outstanding teachers. It is clear that they truly enjoy working with each and every child in that classroom, but somehow always manage to make us feel that our daughter is special to them. They take time to write complete reports on her activities each day and have even gone out of their way in the past to call us when our daughter has done something particularly funny or remarkable. They always greet our family with a smile and are happy to see us every time we drop her off, regardless of how busy they are. It's that type of personal attention that makes us feel completely at ease leaving her in their hands.


In addition to Jen and Brenda, you and everyone at KinderCare Monroeville have been wonderful to work with. We are very happy with our experience there. There is no other child care center that we would rather take our daughter to. We have recommended you to our friends and neighbors and will continue to do so.




We have been part of the KinderCare family for over nine years and the group of individuals you have working for you are caring, professional and dedicated. Stacey, Daniel, and you have done a wonderful job making KinderCare an inviting and successful child care center.


Thank you so much for your responsiveness, attention to detail and support over the years. We cannot imagine how we could have coped without knowing that our older son Eddie was and now Ryan is in a safe, fun place every day. What they have learned at KinderCare, as well as the warmth and respect that they were and are shown, has enabled my boys to be outgoing, independent and respectful of others. We are so proud of them and thankful to KinderCare's teachers and directors for their continual help and guidance over the years.


Deb and Ed


As parents, we all worry about our children. It seems like just yesterday when we came to KinderCare with Devon and had such a hard time leaving her in the care of others. We quickly found out that the individuals caring for her throughout the day are a rare group of people.


To describe the environment at KinderCare I use the words: family, friendly, academic, structured, dedicated, and safe.  The curriculum was focused on learning while having fun from the two-year-old program up through Pre-Kindergarten. KinderCare has provided Devon and Brody with a solid core fundamental academic foundation. The repetition of the daily routine built confidence and promoted leadership in both of our children.


The thing we feel is most significant is the dedicated staff. The early childhood teachers and staff are always positive and looking for ways to continually improve and educate the children.


Our children have been fortunate enough to have spent the last three years at KinderCare. We feel that KinderCare has given them the opportunity to experience that learning is fun at an early age. This is important as a baseline for their success as they continue their academic careers. We thank everyone again at KinderCare for the memories and taking care of our children.




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